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Released: 2004
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private
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Running time: 89 mins.

When it comes to 'sex in the sun' films, Alessandro del Mar is the king of the genre. Sunset Memories takes six gorgeous girls - Cindy Lords, Christina Bella, the Ukranian Alicia, Jessica May, Claudia Ferrari and Britain's Donna Marie - and places them in the surf and sand of the Caribbean, for a sex romp.

The film is centred around Cindy Lords and her husband George Uhl. After a number of years of being happily married, the sparkle has waned on their sexual activities. Friends have suggested they head to a tropical resort where sun, sea and other sexy couples may revive their flagging love life.

Watching his wife being fucked by another guy, George feels both curious and jealous. Even when he is asked to join in he still feels he's missing something. Cindy finds her new found freedom invigorating and sets off for more sexual adventures. George heads off to meet the wife of his best friend.

Standing in the clear blue waters, Donna jerks at George's cock as the breeze ruffles her turquoise blue sarong. Settling down in the water, she takes his member between her lips and strokes at his balls. Lifting her damp skirt, Donna lets George take her from behind. The two fall back into the sea. The water splashes over them as she rides reverse. The action moves to a luxury boat. The pair lie on deck, Donna easing George's dick into her arse. Rolling over, the two shag spoons. Donna wanks George's load over her face.

George realises something is seriously wrong with his relationship and Cindy now has a craving for sex... but not with him.

As with other Alessandro del Mar films, this is beautifully staged and exquisitely shot, capturing the action of the stunning cast. The other thing it has in common with his previous works is an almost incomprehensible plot, spoken by girls who obviously don't understand what they are saying. My advice is forget the story line - just relax and watch. Where else could you see a pre-boob job Donna having sex in an azure blue sea.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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