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Released: 2002
Director: Nicholas Steele
Notes: Ultimate / Adam & Eve
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Running time: 232 mins.

A young couple inherit a house filled with strange and mystical objects from a distant aunt and soon find that all is not as it seems. Drawn to a large mirror covered in mysterious writing, the pair find that it reflects their dreams and fantasies. But the mirror also has a darker side, reflecting the lives of those who have previously stared into it.

An image appears of a fully masked Rebecca (as Flick) and Lola wearing studded leather bikinis, standing guard over a cage in a jungle clearing. Opening the door, the girls beckon forward two hooded prisoners. They stoop to suck at cock. Panties down, the girls bend forward to be fucked from behind. Flick steadies herself against the cage as the banging becomes more intense. Getting the guys down on the jungle floor, Flick and Lola lower themselves onto the boys rods and ride. Ready to cum, the pair jerk their loads into Flick and Lola’s mouth.

The two become more ever more embroiled in the reflections they see. Julian finds himself with his former girlfriend and Alexa has a girl-on-girl session with the aunt who once owned the mirror. As a final twist the pair are trapped behind the glass along with everyone else who has gazed into it.

The Sixth Reflection is a stylish plot-based film with good boy/girl and girl/girl action throughout. Flick is hardly recognisable in her role but the ample behind-the-scenes footage show her being transformed into the masked, jungle Amazon for her short appearance in the movie. The Sixth Reflection is a very nice film made all the better for being re-released as a budget classic.

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