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Released: 2005 (DVD)
Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Strand SP061
Notes and Reviews

Karl and Rem are looking for Christine's car in the Spanish woods. They find her sitting in the front seat masturbating and, apparently abandoned by her husband. Fortunately Karl is on hand to do the business and he opens Christine's long red dress at the front revealing white stockings and suspenders. Christine (referred to as Mary in the dialogue) gets out of the car and is fucked from behind over the bonnet, then the pair retreat further into the woods for more fucking in doggy, spoons and cowgirl. Ends with a facial and Christine keeps her dress on throughout.

Candy is at Simon's studio for an audition. He takes a few glamour shots before she changes into a short pink pvc dress and black stockings (no bra or pants). As the audition progresses Candy feels the bulge in Simon's trousers which leads to some fucking on a bar stool. A second, black, guy appears and they move to another part of the studio were Candy gets fucked by both guys, both of them delivering impressive loads over Candy's gaping pussy.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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