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Released: 2005
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 98 mins.

Hazza B'Gunne and Relish have revisited Suckstone's Estate Agent for Semi-Detached 2. Since they were here last the staff and clientele have all changed. Aimee, McKenzie Lee and Sahara are be-suited business women working in the office, Keira is out and about with buyers, Roxy is in the market and the Czech Jane Darling has something to offer.

Monday morning and Mark Sloane is about to start a training session with Aimee and McKenzie. Today it's customer care. The girls have a few new techniques and they want to try and put them into practice on Mark. Taking his cock out they both lick and suck as they strip out of their suits. McKenzie gives Mark a tit fuck while Aimee bends over the office chair to be taken doggy. Training continues with McKenzie sitting with her legs astride a chair for easy access to her pussy, then riding him cowgirl with Aimee watching and wanking. The sale is sealed with a squirt of spunk over the tits, and a satisfied trainer.

Keira is taking a client to view an apartment when the lift gets stuck. She presses the buttons to go up and nothing happens so the guy suggests Keira goes down and within seconds she has his cock deep in her mouth. With her trousers removed, Keira leans against the side of the lift to be entered from behind. The acrobatic girl then puts her leg high up on the lift wall to take full advantage of the length. Lying on the floor Keira rides the guy's cock then leans over for her back door to be filled with man meat, briefly stopping to taste the juices. A little more anal follows then it's time to cover the bum with cum.

Ian Tait and Demetri are tied up in PVC-bikini-clad Jane Darling's dungeon. Before she sells she needs to see if these are the right men for the job. After tasting their cocks the boys suck and finger fuck her pussy. Demetri detects a little dampness and injects the cavity with cock. Jane seems satisfied with the ride the man meat provides so then gets the boys to bonk her bum. With her bum full the second dick is slipped into Jane's pussy for some hard DP action. The boys pull out and coat her face in cream.

Back at Suckstone's, office manager Sahara is keen to see how Demetri did with the dirty dungeon deal. Sitting on the edge of the desk Sahara lifts her black skirt so Demetri can survey between her legs and his tongue soon discovers her pussy's potential. Working with her mouth Sahara quickly turns Demetri's semi into fully erect which is slipped into her pussy as she bends over the desk. Slim Sahara takes control riding the cock then moving to be entered missionary on the table top. Finally Demetri pulls out to fire his load over the boss's stomach.

Roxy Jezel and Paul Mycock think they have found the ideal property, but in order to be sure it's right they decide to have sex on the dining-room table. Lifting her denim skirt Roxy places her boot-clad leg on Paul's shoulder as he stretches and sucks at her pussy. In return she takes his cock deep down her throat. Mark the estate agent returns and is invited to join in, Roxy is soon gagging on two cocks. Standing on one leg by the window Roxy is filled from behind by Paul. Mark goes one better lifting Roxy clean off the ground as he bangs at her pussy. The trio move to the sofa where Roxy has both holes filled before being spit roasted. Mark squirts his spunk over Roxy's arse where it trickles down over her pussy lips as Paul fills her mouth with cream.

This is another fine example of Relish and Hazza B'Gunne's work, with great performances from all. If you want to be supercritical the colours are slightly bleached in the dungeon scene, but this shouldn't spoil your enjoyment. It's also nice to see relatively new girls such as Sahara and Aimee together with international star Jane Darling in a British film. Keep up the good work Relish.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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