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Released: 2004
Notes: Hot Headz Films
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The plot here, explained in Stevie's cab, is that he has acquired a pair of magical spectacles which makes the wearer irresistible to women. Stevie is happy to share his good fortune with Jim Slip, with the condition that Steve can film the consequences. So, shortly afterwards, Jim blunders into Lara's bathroom where she is bathing and Sarah-Louise, in her underwear, is talking to her. The girls are shocked so Jim rushes back to Stevie for the specs so that when he returns, the girls are all over him.

Sarah-Louise, in a red basque and stockings, follows Lara, now in bra and pants and holdups herself, upstairs where all three get on the bed for some fun. Jim gets to be intimate with both girls, but he only gets to fuck Lara in some deep and interesting positions. Both girls share the cumshot. Then Jim is gone. The girls are still on the bed, but Lara sports a strapon and this time Sarah-Louise does get her pussy filled with cock, albeit of the blue plastic variety.

The action switches back to Jim, who is showing Amazon around his place. On reaching the living room and Stevie, Jim insists on wearing the specs, which is enough for Amazon who simply strips to her stockings and knickers and, as soon as she's got a naked Jim hard with her mouth, drops the latter and impales herself on his cock. The pair move through all the positions on the sofa then repeat them all, this time with Jim's cock up Amazon's bum before he comes into her mouth.

Finally the guys are talking to Autumn in a hotel room where she makes it clear she wants to have sex with Stevie. Jim demands the specs and undresses and now Autumn is happy to fuck him. Autumn looks pretty good in rubber fetishwear mode (dress, bra, pants) but she's stripped to her stockings and suspenders by the time Jim gets to fuck her. Nice action from the pair ends when Autumn wanks Jim's member to climax in her mouth. Stevie wants his specs back, but Autumn wants to fuck Jim a few more times before that happens ... and with that the film ends.

There's nothing wrong with the sex here, with three fine well-built girls getting a rigorous shagging from Jim, and the corny premise works well enough. However once Jim had established the theme the whole film became a series of completely unconnected scenes. The dialogue was pretty good and naturalistic but leaned towards the bleedin obvious as Jim explains at the end of the first scene: "Oh, the specs work even when I'm not wearing them!". We noticed, Jim. The presentation of this film has the feel of a failed pilot, a series to match Jim's excellent Streetsluts series, which can be used for web/tv episodes or in DVD compilations. Good, but perhaps because I had expected too much, I was disappointed.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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