< Squirters & Gushers

Released: 2005
Director: Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS
Alternate Titles
  • UK Squirters & Gushers DVD available MSS Interactive / Black Widow
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 97 mins.

Director Freddie Morse has found nine girls with an unusual talent to appear in this film. They squirt when they cum, or at least most of them do. In five dripping scenes the girls work themselves into a squelching frenzy and floods of pleasure. Squirting movies are big in the States and MSS have probably produced this to cash in on that market.

Karla, in a white slashed T-shirt and plaid dress, visits the doctor where she is met by nurse Susie Best. She has a problem - all her friends squirt when they cum and she doesn't. Can the doctor and Susie help? Removing her knickers Karla sits with her legs open. Whilst the doctor prods and pokes her pussy, Susie strips out of her nurse's uniform to act as a stimulus. Nothing happens; so Susie starts sucking the doctor's knob to see it that will get Karla going. That coupled with rapid finger manipulation and ... whoosh! Having squirted once Karla wants to try again - this time using the doctor's cock, but nothing. Perhaps the sight of Susie being taken doggy by the doctor could help. With fingers pounding away Karla gushes gallons. One last ride for the girls and the doctor fires his load over their faces. Karla squirts again. She is cured.

Emma-Louise is on the hunt for some sexy underwear. Shop assistant Renee shows what's on offer. After trying a pair of small black knickers Renee finds Emma some crotch-less panties. Just what she wants as she squirts when she masturbates. Renee asks Emma to show her. Playing with a toy produces streams of juice. Renee strips to her black stockings and gets Emma to try it on her. Emma works away on Renee's pussy and though it gets wet there is no surge. Emma pushes a powerful vibrator hard against her swollen clit and she gushes again. The pair head for the toy department for more fun, 69ing on the floor then trying the products. Standing, Emma's legs start to shake as fluid flows from her pussy.

Avalon, in a silky black one piece and thigh-length boots, leads her new sex slave, Angel-Long, into her pleasure dungeon. Angel licks at her mistress's pussy getting it nice and wet, ready to take her fingers. Frenetic fanny fingering and a hard rub of the clit quickly get Avalon's juices going. Angel now has to take the consequences with Avalon penetrating her pussy with a large plastic toy, working away till she is ready to orgasm. The mistress wants to experience another rush and Angel is tasked with using a glass dildo on Avalon. The pussy pounding pays off with her love liquid dripping off her lips and over her bum. Angel gets her pussy screwed again, this time with a steel dildo, the mistress standing by her, wanking torrents of juice out of her hole.

Lolly and Dani are two PVC-clad nurses tidying the surgery at the end of the day. Lolly is hot and sticky and has to strip out of her uniform. With legs apart she slips two, then three, gloved fingers deep into her pussy, stretching and pulling her lips as she does so. Dani watches intently, sitting on the examination table and wanking a huge red toy in her pussy as Lolly plays. Hammering away with the toy, Dani leaves a pool of pleasure juice on the table. Lolly tries the toy, her swollen lips sliding up and down the damp shaft. Dani squirts again, this time with Lolly using a rampant rabbit on her pussy. Can Lolly get her to cum a third time? The tip of the wriggling toy is held against Dani's pussy till the fluids flood out.

Wendy, in black PVC and thigh-length boots, has a man held captive in her cage. If he does as she asks he will be released. His first job is to lick Wendy's boots clean. As he has done a good job she spanks his bum then takes his cock in her mouth to stiffen his resolve. With her studded knickers removed, the slave's next job is to lick Wendy's pussy till she cums. Bending over, Wendy wants to squirt with a cock in her cunt. The slave shags her doggy style with the juices running down his shaft and dripping off his balls. Tying the slave up Wendy rides him reverse cowgirl, her pussy streaming as she bounces up and down. Releasing the slave she wanks the guy till he's ready to cum, but not on her face, on her boots.

As you would expect with an MSS film the camera work, setting and production are top quality. There is also a nice mix of newer girls, like Dani O'Neal and Emma-Louise, with established stars and all put in excellent performances. The only question is the subject - if you're into squirting the film is a must for your collection. If you're not then watch and see what you're missing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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