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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Rude Britannia / Pornostatic
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 125 mins.

Tiara Gomez is credited on the cover, but does not appear.

It takes a special kind of girl to take on the challenge of Alsonso Shaft's 12 inch plus dick and in The Shaft Daddy Anjali has found six other girls who are ready to try.

Donna is the first to get to grips with the mighty cock. No formal introduction or shaking hands - it's straight down her throat, gagging and dribbling. Even Donna, who can swallow for Britain, has difficulties taking the full length and can manage only 10 inches in her mouth. Holding her boobs together, Donna gets her tits fucked, the cock head jabbing under her chin. Determined to swallow and with her eyes streaming she again gags on the cock, saliva dripping out of her mouth. Donna shows her pussy can take what her mouth can't. Stretching her labia she slides down the dick till the full length is inside. With makeup running she turns to be taken doggy, Mr Shaft's balls banging her bum as he thrusts. Donna still wants more, her swollen pussy being hammered reverse cowgirl as her boobs bounce. Shaft pulls out and wanks himself over Donna's face. Her reaction ... lets do it again!

Isabel, in a white top, hot pants and thigh-length boots, thinks she has hit the jackpot when she unzips Alsonso's trousers and his massive dick falls on her face. She licks the member from end to end then pops it into her mouth. Kneeling, Isabel sucks and slobbers over the cock, taking it further and further into her mouth. As she gurgles, it bangs the back of her throat. She gives the saliva-covered dick a tit fuck then sucks hard till her mouth is full of jizz.

Solange, in her finest necklace and black top, appears diminutive beside the big black cock. This doesn't stop her taking it in both hands, tonguing the head and slipping it between her lips for a blow job, then, bending forward to feed on dick, her tits fall out of her top. Opening her legs she positions herself over Mr Shaft and slowly slides down his length till it's almost all in her pussy. She rocks back and forth on the cock till she climaxes. Once is not enough for Solange. She mounts the cock again, this time reverse cowgirl. Her pert boobs bob as she dances up and down and a second orgasm soon follows. Lying back on the sofa Solange plays with herself as Mr Shaft wanks, covering her tits in cream.

Alicia is in the bathroom and is next for the Shaft treatment. With her breasts hanging out of her white bra, she slurps and sucks on the mighty organ as it fills her mouth and throat, banging on her tonsils. Alicia dribbles foamy saliva out of her mouth and down her chin. Alsonso sits on the toilet and Alicia mounts him, the cistern rattling as the pair bounce around. Putting her leg in the hand basin, Alicia is taken from behind, her tits swinging wildly. After sucking the juices off Mr Shaft the action drops to the floor, Alicia riding the cock before having her pussy stretched spoon and doggy style. The session ends with Alicia getting a mouth full of cum which she allows to run over her face.

In a pink dress and red stockings, cockaholic Sabrina is already wet thinking of Mr Shaft. Pulling the bedclothes back she comes face to cock with his massive erection. She doesn't want to waste a moment; so it's deep down her throat which gags on the dick. Lying back with her legs open, Sabrina is ready to take all Mr Shaft has to offer. He enters her pussy then turns her over to fill her doggy style and she gasps. Sabrina wants it rough. Mr Shaft spanks her bum as she rides him cowgirl, her cheeks glowing red. In a fit of giggles the scene breaks up, Sabrina having a mouth full of cock when the phone rings. She offers to take a message but with so much man meat between her lips she is not understood. She hangs up and the fucking continues until Mr Shaft coats her face in cream. The scene ends with Sabrina walking to her taxi with her pussy still throbbing.

In a black top and matching mini skirt, Destiny is looking forward to working with Mr Shaft. She has fucked some of the largest cocks in the States and wants to see if he measures up. Mr Shaft exceeds all Destiny's expectations. He's huge and she almost dislocates her jaw getting his cock into her mouth. Gagging and gurgling, Destiny gets her throat fucked. She then slaps her face and tits with Mr Shaft's member and sucks his balls into her mouth. With his cock nice and wet, it's ready for her cunt. Destiny gasps and groans as her pussy is filled. Down on all fours, Destiny wants the full length inside her and thrusts her bum back on the cock. The pair change position to cowgirl with Destiny slamming herself down on the balls. Removing her shoes Destiny wanks with the heels before being filled again by cock, this time spoon. With an eye on the clock she wants Mr Shaft to come on her tits as she has a train to catch and won't have time to clean her face. Pulling on her jeans and t-shirt over her partly cleaned tits Destiny dives out the door and into a taxi.

Her hair in bunches, Anjali, in red top and knickers, is the last to be shafted. Kneeling, she gives her mouth a workout on the great shaft, then licks and laps at his balls. Pulling her panties down, Anjali plays with her pussy getting it ready for what it's about to receive. She eases herself onto Mr Shaft's manhood then slowly slides up and down to get the full effect of having her pussy stretched. After cleaning her juices from the cock Anjali turns to be taken doggy which falls into spoons. As she is being fucked she pants that she's going to cum. Holding Mr Shaft tightly she wanks his mighty cock into her mouth.

Anjali and Disanto have produced a well-shot and well-directed film with girls who can really take cock. The only problem with this film is girls may expect too much from their partners and guys will all realise they are lacking in the trouser department! One final point - the cast list on the DVD cover does not reflect the girls in the film (perhaps it could be rectified for the next reprint). All in all The Shaft Daddy is Pornostatic's best film to date.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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