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Released: 2005
Notes: CandiceParis / Slik
Alternate Titles
  • Rude Girls 4
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 103 mins.

Rude Girls 4 is supposedly shot in and around Sarah Wright's house. It has nine great British girls in solo and girl on girl action in eight scenes.

The film starts off with a solo from Sarah. She slowly strips out of her denim skirt and pink top to play with herself through her black knickers. Squeezing and pulling her boobs, she drops her panties and brings herself to a climax with a knobbly purple toy.

Blonde Linsey sits on the stairs and flashes her white knickers as she massages her tits and sucks at her nipples. Slipping out of her brown dress, she pops two fingers into her fanny and fucks herself. She then takes a 'spiked' vibrator and works it into her pussy. The toy squelches with her juices and she pulls it out to taste. Turning the power up to full, Linsey pushes the toy deep inside her hole and holds it till she orgasms.

Chloe and Jane appear on the sofa. They have just come back from a shopping trip and cannot wait to try their new toys. Jane removes her top so Chloe can suck her tits. Her hand wanders down between Jane's legs. Moving onto all fours, Chloe pumps Jane's pussy with a rabbit vibrator then lies back with her legs open to have her minge fingered and munched. Bent over the arm of the sofa, Jane uses a second toy on Chloe's pussy. The girls each take their toys and sit opposite each other and wank. The sight of wet fanny is too much and the pair end on the floor 69'ing.

Scene 4 sees Sarah in her bedroom in a pink top, black skirt and tights. She tells the cameraman how much she enjoys rubbing herself through the tight black nylon then demonstrates as she licks her knees. Sarah eases her hand down her tights and slips a finger into her pussy. She then does the same with a vibrator using the gusset to push the toy into her fanny. Partly pulling down her tights, Sarah swings her legs above her head and takes the crutch in her mouth to suck off the juices as she continues to masturbate with the toy. Panting, she cums.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Sammie, who has long dark hair, says she hasn't done any video work before. She stands to show her short red mini and sexy black top with a split to her navel. Back on the bed Sammie fondles her pert breasts then runs her hand over her pussy, gently rubbing at her lips. Taking a toy she gives it a blow job and once wet it's eased into her pussy. Sammie stands on the bed to give a better view as her finger makes circular motions over her clit. One toy is good, two toys better and Sammie shoves a second up her arse, moving the two in and out in turn. The wanking gets faster and Sammie's thigh muscles begin to twitch until, letting out a moan, she arches her back then sighs.

Next on the bed are Vicky and Taylor. As they have had no luck with men they decide to play with each other. Undoing the zip on Vicky's top, Taylor licks and sucks at her nipples getting them erect and hard. She then takes her own tits out for Vicky to play with. Taylor places her head between Vicky's open legs and runs her tongue up and down her pussy before filling her hole with a rabbit vibrator which makes a hell of a noise when turned up full. Vicky pulls on a large black strap-on, fingering Taylor then fucking her doggy style. The girls move so Taylor can mount the toy, her boobs bouncing as her pussy devours the plastic penis.

Tammie Lee, in a stripy top and tight pink knickers, is in the living room and can't wait to play with her pussy. Stripped, she produces a large pink dildo which she shoves in her mouth, banging the end on the back of her throat then ramming it deep into her damp pussy. Squatting over the toy, she hammers herself hard on the pink plastic. Bending over, Tammie takes a silver vibrator and forces it up her bum, her swollen lips moving as the toy enters her arse. Taking the pink dildo she finishes by DP'ing herself, screaming with pleasure as she climaxes.

The final scene sees Sarah and Sabrina in the bedroom. The girls kiss and then Sarah starts to run her tongue over Sabrina's thighs. Lifting her skirt, she ends at her white panties. She then starts licking her stomach and breasts, getting her nipples nice and hard. Sabrina goes down on Sarah - removing her red knickers she laps at her pussy to taste the juices and gives her a good snog. The black strap-on re-appears, this time Sarah is wearing it. With the crotch strap pulled tight into her snatch she shags Sabrina doggy style then lies on her back so Sabrina can ride the toy reverse cowgirl. The black plastic prick does the trick and moaning Sabrina climaxes.

The film is cleanly shot without too much editing and though there is the occasional camera wobble, this is more than compensated for by the great performances. The film is well worth watching - where else can you see nine of Britain's best girls?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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