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Released: 2006
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
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Running time: 167 mins.

Gorgeous Gee and the team at Doll Theatre have turned their attention to a British institution for the latest send up - Snatch of the Day, a programme reporting on female football. A corny plot and script which could have come from a Carry On film help things on their way. Behind the desk and trying to keep a straight face are pundit Donna and Mr Gee linking the scenes together.

Mark Sloan and Ian Tate settle down in front of the telly with a few tins ready to watch the match, Mark tells Ian how he would like to give Donna one and as if by magic (and a 70's visual effect) he finds himself in the studio. Donna appears in a back less black dress and asks Mark if he wants to play with her boobs ... how can he resist? She insists he pulls and bites her nipples then asks if he wants his cock sucked... an offer he can't refuse. In a flash Donna has Mark deep down her throat gagging and dribbling on his balls. Stripped, Donna kneels on the desk and gets Mark to finger fuck her fanny and arse. Mounting Mark's man hood, Donna bounces up and down, her boobs swaying violently and the table flexing with each thrust. Next Donna wants Mark up her arse and rides him reverse cowgirl. Finally it's time to cover her tits in spunk... Mark finds himself back on the sofa with Ian.

Ian starts to dream about being the team trainer, a wobbly visual effect and he's in the dressing room with Avalon. Telling her of the importance of fluid intake, Ian dribbles water over her top and shorts. Scooping the water up, Avalon drips it into her mouth. Ian has a novel approach to re-hydration - he squirts bottles full of water into Avalon's pussy, lapping it up as it trickles out. Avalon wraps her mouth round Ian's cock and starts to suck. The pair end up 69ing on the treatment table. Her body wriggles as Ian tongues her dripping snatch. Holding herself above Ian's prick, Avalon slowly sinks down, throwing her head back as his cock penetrates her pussy. Moving to missionary, Ian's cock yo-yos between Avalon's pussy and arse. The pair end on the floor doggy style, Ian pulling out to flood Avalon's mouth with jizz.

Sick of the boys watching football, Natalie Heck, in her white lace lingerie, goes off to bed to read. She lies playing with her pussy as she flicks the pages, dreaming of being shagged by two strikers. Next thing she's on a balcony in a white evening dress where Lee Henshaw and Stefan Hard are pouring champagne over her tits and sucking it off. Stefan licks Natalie's body as Lee runs the bottle between her legs. The three move inside to dry off. Kneeling, Natalie takes the boys' cocks deep in her mouth as they play with her boobs and smoothly shaved mound. The two screw their faces with pleasure as Natalie tongues down their shafts and over their balls. Gently moaning, Natalie slips Lee's cock into her pussy while sucking on Stefan. The boys change ends and the spit roasting goes on, Stefan's nut sack slapping her clit as they shag. As she lies on the sofa with her legs high in the air both guys have a go at Natalie's pussy. Ready to cum, Natalie wants their spunk on her face. She sucks off every last drop.

The match still hasn't started so Mark and Ian call for a pizza. When Suzie Best turns up the two change their minds on a filling. Stripped, Suzie sits between the two wanking their cocks as they caress her cunt. When they are out of their jeans Suzie sucks each in turn. Mark embeds his head between her legs as she laps at Ian's shaft. Mark eventually replaces his fingers and tongue with his salami. The three rock back and forward, only stopping at half time to change ends. Suzie moves to ride Mark cowgirl and Ian eases open her arse ready for cock. Suzie spins round on Mark's cock, rubbing her clit frantically till she squirts. With Ian hard in her bum, Mark pounds away at Suzie's pussy. Turning over, the guys continue to plug away at her holes and Suzie really enjoys the double topping as her body shakes with pleasure. Now all she needs is the cream to finish so the boys duly provide facefuls.

Lee and Stefan are out to interview ace striker Keira in the dressing room. She has no time for the pair as she wants her pre-match rub down. Putting down their cameras, the boys may be able to help. Covering Keira in oil, the boys start their massage, paying special attention to her chest and upper thigh muscles. Keira exercises her mouth and throat by swallowing lengths of cock, taking them as far as the balls. Then, lying with her head over the edge of the treatment table, she lets Lee fuck her tonsils. Moving round, Lee makes a lunge for her box, stuffing his cock in deep as she sucks on Stefan. Mounting Lee's dick, Keira stretches her long legs and lets Stefan fuck her in the arse. Turning over, both boys bang away at her pussy and arse. The two are ready to cum and cover Keira's face and mouth. She lets it slowly dribble out.

Mark and Ian are still watching the game as Natalie lies on the bed fingering herself frantically with her blindfold on. Ian hears the noise and sets off to investigate. He finds Natalie pulling her nipple and with her fanny full of fingers. Ian moves beside Natalie and starts to caress her body. Convinced it's husband Mark she sinks down to take his dick in her mouth. By the time she realises her mistake Natalie is too hot and horny to stop. The two 69 on the bed, Ian taking mouthfuls of damp minge as Natalie licks his cock as if it were a lollipop. Pulling her self up the bed head. Natalie smothers Ian's face in pussy. She shivers as he licks at her clit. The bed starts to rock as Natalie rides Ian's cock. The two roll over for a long doggy/spoons session which ends when Ian pops his load into Natalie's mouth. Licking her lips she swallows.

OK, the plot may be contrived. Pizza delivery guys and girls went out years ago, but Doll Theatre, with their wobbly effects and comic dialogue, make it work ... and work well. Snatch of the Day, like Doll Theatre's other works, puts the fun back into adult films and the cast looked as if they were having fun. Great film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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