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Released: 2006
Notes: Devil's Films
Alternate Titles
  • Stuff My Ass Full Of Cum Valentine's Edition
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 138 mins.

Stuff My Ass Full of Cum 5 is one of a number of Devil's Films shot in Europe for the American market. Elle Brook stars alongside the European girls Simone Shine, Allyson More, Anita Blue, Carmen and Jasmina, in five butt pounding scenes where the girls get their fill. The film dates from the same time as Elle's other Devil's Film production Cum on My Hairy Pussy and uses the same sets and studs.

Scene 3 starts with a close-up of Elle's boobs as she removes her red top. The camera pans down to watch the belt on her denim skirt being undone and falling to the floor, followed by her black knickers. Elle sits back on the blue sofa rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits. A finger slips into her hairy snatch. A guy, with an uncanny resemblance to Lee Evans, arrives to take over the fanny fingering. Tucking her blonde hair behind her ears, Elle pops his prick in her mouth. Her lips clamp the shaft and her head gently bobs. Reclining, she guides the wet cock into her cunt. Elle's tits joggle as the pair fuck. The two turn and her pussy sinks down the guy's manhood cowgirl. Kneeling on the sofa, Elle pulls her arse open and gasps as the guy's prick enters. She reaches between her legs and plays with her pussy as her bum is prodded. The pair fall onto their side and shag spoons. Elle ends on her back, the guy pumping away at her bum. With a groan he cums and Elle lets the spunk trickle over her fingers and smears it into her pussy.

Shot using only one camera, the action in each scene flows naturally without too many breaks and cuts. Whilst the 'sofa set' was limited, the girls managed to make each scene slightly different; so the film was not repetitive. The only down side to the film is the lack of interaction between the guys and girls. Apart from the occasional grunt or moan the film is almost silent. Not a bad two hour's worth and nice to see Elle on the box cover.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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