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Released: 2006
Director: The Scott Brothers
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod. Contains some but not all of the scenes from the Adult Channel series.
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 87 mins.

The Adult Channel have released four episodes of their Ralffee Superstud series in uncut R18 format. Tony de Sergio stars as the wide boy Cockney stud with Jenna Lee, Majella, Lucy Law and Faye Rampton as his conquests. Each scene starts with a short black and white intro with Tony telling of his triumphs and though each section is titled all the action takes place on the Scott Brother's sofa.

Ralffee and the Sunbather
Jenna Lee sits on the sofa snogging Tony. His hands wander down to her white lace panties where his fingers penetrate her pussy. Crouching, she wraps her lips round his cock, Jenna's hair falling over her face as her tongue explores the shaft and balls. Tony moves to lap at the wisps of blonde hair around Jenna's pussy as his digits dig deep into her cunt and arse. Hitching up her dress the pair lie side by side, Tony fondling Jenna's tits as she is taken spoons. With the sunlight making patterns on Tony's bum, the two shag missionary then Jenna turns to be taken doggy. The lighting forms a huge sinister shadow as Tony wanks off over Jenna's back.

Ralffee and the Facial
Same sofa but this time gray-suited Majella in her black stockings and boots is sharing a glass of bubbly. Tony in his best Dick van Dyke cockney tells how her husband isn't performing as she goes down on his knob and starts to suck. Falling to the floor, Tony lifts Majella's skirt and start to lick. A little three-fingered action gets the juices flowing and her pussy lips swollen. Opening her legs, Tony slips his cock into Majella's moist minge and starts to pump, she pulls her knees back to get his full length in her hole. Tasting herself, Majella wants to be fucked doggy style and goes down on all fours, her pussy lips engulfing Tony's prick. Rolling over, the pair end shagging reverse cowgirl. The energetic bouncing and clit rubbing make Majella squirt over Tony's balls, then, jumping off, he cums in her mouth.

Ralffee and the Hooker
The scene starts with Tony's cock embedded in Lucy Law's mouth, her tongue dances over his rod as she caresses his balls and nibbles at his nut sack. Lucy lies back to let Tony's mouth go to work on her neatly trimmed snatch. Pulling her pussy open he finger fucks her and Lucy's flailing foot gets dangerously close to the camera. Pulling down her panties, Tony pushes his prick into Lucy's pussy. She holds her legs and sighs as she is humped. Lucy's shiny black dress flaps around her waist as she is filled from behind. He fires over her pussy and Lucy massages in the white jizz.

Ralffee and the Rider
Faye Rampton has turned up in her riding gear, crop in hand, but it's cock she is after. Slowly she inches Tony's cock into her mouth, then bobs back and forth, hands by her sides. Undoing her white blouse, Faye lets Tony chew on her nipples as he rubs on her jodhpurs. Puling down her pants, Tony finds Faye's fanny is nice and wet and ready to be fucked. Boots high in the air, Faye is filled missionary and she thwacks his buttocks to make him hump faster. The shagging goes on, spoons then reverse cowgirl, Tony playing with Faye's tits as they bonk. The session ends with Faye over the back of the sofa being taken doggy. Tony pulls out then showers her bum in spunk.

I have to admit I found both the content and presentation of the film disappointing. Whilst the performances were quite good the four scenes were too similar; same Tony, same sofa, same positions, only the girls changed. On the presentation front the film has been shot in letterbox format so be prepared for thick black borders. The lighting in some scenes leaves a lot to be desired - the ominous shadows would look better in a horror movie. And finally there's Tony's cockney voice over (assumed for the role, Ralffee being an Alfie parody - ed), all a bit off putting. Good actresses in a poor film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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