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Released: 2006
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 90 mins.

Squat on my Lens is a film dedicated to those who like close-ups... extreme close-ups... and nothing but close-ups. With six girls there is the occasional shot of the face, but unless you know your pussies it's difficult working out who is who.

Things get off to a reasonable if camera-shaking start with Yasmin. She crouches beside the bed in her black top and pink skirt, her legs apart, flashing her knickers. Climbing onto the bed she starts to rub herself as the cameraman talks dirty (shouldn't it be the girl who does the talking?). Yasmin says her tits are her best feature and playing with her pussy makes them hard... we have to believe her as the camera wanders and sways, but never above the waist. Sticking a rabbit in her pussy the cameraman explains how she can orgasm.

Outside Amber is hanging up her washing. As she lifts her denim skirt no knickers can be seen. The cameraman pulls a pair off the line and gets her to put them on!!! Crouched in the cold, Amber rubs her crotch then slides three fingers into her pussy getting them nice and wet. Inside and off to the bathroom for more wobbly camerawork and Amber prodding herself with a toy.

Poppy appears next with Sheila on the bed. The pair play with each other's tits then open their legs to reveal tight white panties. Poppy pulls hers right up her snatch as she fingers Sheila. The pair are handed several large objects to play with but they prefer the toy Poppy brought. The scene ends with two knicker-wrapped pussies over the camera.

Miyah is wearing a pair of pink frilly knickers which waft back and forward over the screen as she fingers herself. She stuffs a black and gold vibrator deep in her pussy followed by a slightly thicker, blue toy but rejects the offer of a church candle. The scene ends with Miyah pushing 3 fingers in her arse.

Suzie Best is in the shower (water off) in her pink panties. She gently rubs and caresses her clit. Her finger work makes her want to pee and a damp patch appears followed by a golden trickle down her leg. Dropping her knickers she fingers her salty hole as the cameraman gives a view of the grouting.

This film did nothing at all for me and was a waste of 90 minutes. It may appeal to the fans of close-up (though why it should I don't know). If you do watch it, prepare to be seasick from the dizzy camerawork.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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