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Released: 2006
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia / Poppy Morgan
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

Following on from Sex and Cocktails, volume 2 follows the antics of six sexy girls on holiday in their Portuguese villa and the three barmen who serve up more than just drinks. As with the previous film all the action takes place outdoors under beautiful blue skies.

Sitting on the lounger by the pool in her pale blue sun dress, Elle Brook waits as Tony and Dougie mix her a cocktail. Handing Elle a glass of brightly-coloured liquor, the boys start to play with her tits and pussy as she takes a few sips, first at the glass then at Dougie's cock. She sits, her nipples poking out from her dress, as Tony goes down to suck and finger fuck her pussy. The boys stand as Elle attempts to force both their dicks into her mouth at the same time. Her knickers off, Tony pops his prick into her wet pussy. The boys change places. Dougie lies flat to let Elle ride his manhood and then she bends over to taste her juices from his cock. Tony pushes into her pussy from behind. The three end on the grass, Tony wanking into Elle's mouth as Dougie fills her spoons. The boys cum, covering her face and pussy.

Roxanne and Lola stand at either end of the pool in their short black dresses, glasses in hand. Dominique (Mika) sits on a bench between them dressed in bright red. The girls approach her, slipping their hands down her top and into her knickers. The three strip. Kissing, their tongues explore each other's bodies, flicking at nipples and dancing over clits. Roxanne opens Lola's pussy and fills her mouth with minge. She moans with pleasure then turns to lap at Dominique's damp hole. The girls move to the bench. Lola opens her legs and the sunlight catches the wisps of blonde pube as a vibrator slips into her cunt. Roxanne dribbles the contents of her glass over her pussy before using a toy on herself. The girls screw a smaller vibe into her bum and the drink mixes with her juices as it drips off her arse. Lola takes a mouthful of green cocktail and squirts it at Dominique's pussy as she plays with it. All three end on the bench, wanking themselves to climax.

Natalie Heck waits for her drink to arrive. Scottie lies down on the ground beside her where she pulls down her top and plays with her pussy in the sun. If Scottie can do it, so can Natalie. By the time Dougie turns up she is out of her lilac dress, squeezing her tits together and with her fingers implanted in her pussy. She grabs Dougie's cock. Scottie joins in as the pair take turns in swallowing the shaft. Natalie moves to run her fanny over Scottie's face as Dougie buries his head between her legs. As the clouds roll by, Scottie turns over giving Dougie the opportunity to enter her from behind. Natalie lies beneath the pair licking clit and balls and ends up getting throat fucked. Bending over the bench it's Natalie's chance to try Dougie's cock in her pussy. The two bang away, changing positions to reverse cowgirl half way through. The two-girl action is getting too much for Dougie. His balls twitch as he sprays the girls' faces in spunk.

With her boobs hanging out of her dress, Elle sits in the sun sipping from her glass. Her hand slips into her knickers. Barman Paul appears and she drags him to a lounger where she drops his pants and starts to devour his dick. He gently prises open her pussy and starts to lick. This leads to a long 69 session. Now nice and wet, Elle mounts Paul's prick, her pelvis thrusting as she rocks and grinds. Turning over, she holds onto the lounger for all her life as her pussy is pounded, then, after a quick wank into her mouth, he fires his cream over Elle's tits.

The final scene sees Dominique and Dougie on the pool-side bench. He lifts up her legs and undoes her shoes. Starting at Dominique's toes he works his tongue up her leg to her moist love box. Parting her red dress, Dougie nibbles on Dominique's erect nipples as his fingers probe her pussy. She unzips his pants and wraps her luscious red lips around his shaft and sucks. The pair 69, Dominique fondling and caressing Dougie's balls with her mouth as he chews at her smoothly-shaven snatch. Dominique mounts Dougie's dick and the bench sways as his nut sack bangs against her clit. The two move to the grass, Dominique lying with her legs stretched wide to take the full benefit of Dougie's cock. He comes over her face and Dominique ensures she gets every last drop out of his dick.

Six great girls, a good dose of sunshine and plenty of good action - what more could you want from a film? OK, one or two of the angles were a bit ... but hey, it's outdoors and the long shots at the start of the second scene were some of the best I have seen. Lets have more like it and keep up the good work.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf' view (March 2006):

The sequel to, er, Sex and Cocktails, we are back in the glorious Mediterranean-style sunshine with studs Tony James, Paul Back and Dougie Loads servicing their lady clients.

While Elle reclines on the sunlounger, Tony brings her a bright green cocktail, but before the poor girl gets a taste, Tony's hands are all over her. Not wishing to miss out, Dougie joins them and amidst much pussy licking and cock sucking the boys manage to undress and removing Elle's pants the fucking starts in reverse cowgirl. Once everyone is naked Elle is fucked in all positions by both guys on the lounger and on the grass and ends with Tony wanking over Elle's face and Dougie coming over her pussy.

Roxanne, Mika and Lola are all together on a bench by the pool in matching dresses and pants, Mika's is bright red while the other's wear black. However the dresses don't stay on long as the girls get down and dirty with each other on the bench and on a rug around beside the pool. Nice 'n' easy deep dildo action for all the girls' pussies ending with three pretty girls all in a naked row - furiously fucking themselves with vibrators.

Natalie and Scottie, in evening wear, sit beside the pool when Dougie serves drinks. While Scottie slips out of her black dress, Dougie undresses Natalie on the metal bench and she takes his cock in her mouth. Scotti joins the other two for more foreplay until everyone is naked (apart from Dougie's waistcoat) and ready to fuck. The girls take Dougie's cock in turns in each position and ends with a facial.

Elle completes her shagging set by taking on Paul in the walled patio. During foreplay she removes her pretty green sundress and Paul loses his waiter's uniform as Elle takes control and impales herself on Paul's generous cock. More deep 'n' hard fucking on the sunlounger in cowgirl and spoons befor the scene ends with a facial.

Dougie serves cocktails for Mika but soon removes her red panties and has her bouncing on his cock in reverse cowgirl. The flimsy red dress is soon discarded as Mika continues to get fucked in cowgirl on the metal bench, standing doggy then missionary on the grass and ending with a facial.

The combination of very pretty girls, good hard cocks and the brilliant sunshine provide a very sexy cocktail indeed. Poppy and Darren Morgan have put some thought into the styling with the girls wearing bright primary colours offset against the primary blue, green and white of the location. Nicely framed establishment shots, slow build-ups and no need for cod dialogue makes this film a real pleasure. Recommended.

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