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Rest of female cast: Brandi Lyons, Beth, Catalina and Jenna Lane.

  • Theme: Smoking
  • Genre: Gonzo

Overall rating: 4 out of 5.

Here we have Smoking Butts 2. A flick where the theme is smoking; I mean literally girls smoking. There are five scenes here, three of which have little stories/scenarios setting them up and two with just a girl smoking and having sex. There are some impressive settings in this film for the three story scenes and two very cheap looking rooms for the other two. This is a film of contrasts, with one exceptionally great scene and one exceptionally bad one. The rest fall in between.

Scene 1 is where we see British beauty Summer Nite, and what an opening. A little long some may feel, but the premise is she is caught smoking by her Brit landlord, Richard, and he offers her a way to overcome her addiction; i.e. sex therapy. Implausible maybe, but thankful I am for a great scene. Summer Nite looks stunning, with an all-over tan and natural body. I won't give a blow by blow account of the scene but will say that this scene is a very natural, erotic, sexy scene that is actually totally believable and one to watch. The chemistry between Summer and Richard is fantastic and while it may not be hardcore thrashing with lots of language or extreme practices, it is just as good. Richard is a lot older than Summer and it makes a change not to see some 10 inch, bulging muscled stud that is usually found in porn films. It adds an extra special element that makes this scene top notch. I would say the only negative is that there are some shots that are not held long enough. This scene is also an internal money shot. My rating for this scene is 5 out of 5.

The rest of the film is not as good as this scene, though the Brandi Lyons scene is very hot and scores highly with me. The two scenes where there is no story are pretty weak. They look cheap, the sex is below average and in the last scene there isn't even a money shot but just the girl insulting the viewer. I certainly don't get off on that, I don't know about you. There are some nice previews on the DVD but nothing extra special. I would recommend this title for the Summer Nite and Brandi Lyons scenes, but I'll wager you won't bother with the non-story scenes.

Overall a pretty good film that could have been better, but the Brit girl does amazing.

Review by Steven Stone
May 2006

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