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Released: 2006
Director: Kendo
Notes: Private, Pirate Fetish Machine 24
Alternate Titles
  • Pirate Fetish Machine 24 - Stiletto
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

For a long time Tanya Hyde has been producing the best erotic/fetish films in Britain, but with Stiletto Kendo may have just knocked him off the top spot. The film features eight great girls including two relative newcomers, Estelle and Frankie, dressed in high heels, stockings, and kinky lingerie, for 90 minutes of erotic bliss.

The lights flicker on in a large empty room. Estelle emerges out of the dark shadows and drifts towards the camera. As she leans against a pillar, her skirt rides up to reveal her long stocking-clad legs. She crouches, undoing her blouse as she fondles a black ballet boot. She takes off her own shoes then puts on the boots and is transported to her own kinky world. Dressed in a black PVC dress, she rams a red dildo into her pussy, Ian Tait and Tony de Sergio stand either side of her in black leather straps. Estelle's head darts from cock to cock, her luscious red lips wrapping round the boys' shafts as she sucks. She bends forward and her boobs pop out of the dress as Tony bangs her from behind, her mouth full of Ian's dick. The two change places to take her spoons. Suspended in a harness, Estelle gently swings against the boys' shafts, her pussy dripping. She drops her head back, letting her long blonde hair brush the floor, as the two cum over her face.

In her shiny black PVC basque and boots, Lolly walks down the stairs into an old warehouse. Suzie stands motionless in her white corset and boots. Lolly starts to caress her body, running her tongue over her nylon-clad legs and bum. Ripping open Suzie's tights, Lolly laps at her arse then eases in a finger. Suzie adds her own fingers to her pussy. Sitting, Lolly pulls hard on her labia, Suzie licks her wet pink pussy before taking the pierced clit and swollen lips into her mouth. After sliding a big black toy into Lolly's arse, Suzie tastes the juices. The pair move to a mattress. Up on her shoulders with her legs splayed, Suzie has her bot banged with a toy. Lolly lies, her fanny fluids flowing as she sticks a big red shaft into her pussy and a second in her arse. Both girls moan and kiss.

Keira sits on a black leather sofa in a stark white studio. Drawing on a cigarette, she stretches her self in her ballet boots. Her legs seem to go on forever. A guy in a black and white striped suit and face mask helps Keira to her feet. She towers above him as the two head off. Her black suit off, Keira sits in a white egg-shaped chair, her boobs hanging out of her black basque as she plays with her pussy. Handed a red toy, Keira pushes it between her legs; a second guy in black and white sits and watches. Standing, Keira waggles her bum in front of a guy's face and she slowly slides down his body. Back in the chair she takes both the guys' cocks in her mouth. She gets the pair to finger her arse as she spits and sucks at their shafts. Standing with toy in her bum, Keira's make-up runs down her face as she chews at a nut sack. The dildo in her arse is replaced by man meat. Mounting one guy, Keira leans forward to take a second in her bum. The guys are ready to cum, one on her boots, one in her mouth. Keira licks her footwear clean.

Frankie, in her black basque and thigh-length boots, stands beside a grand piano; Poppy, in white lace lingerie, sits on the stool. Having peeled down Poppy's top, Frankie's hands caress her body, ending between her legs. Kneeling, she explores her pussy with her tongue then probes Poppy's bum with a silver vibrator. Leaving Poppy to continue with the toy, Frankie opens her legs to work in a big black rod. A guy appears swathed in black. He offers his cock to Frankie and she takes him in her mouth, strings of spit dribbling over the end. Gurgling, Poppy swallows the whole length, then laps at the saliva-covered balls. Climbing onto the cock, Poppy thrusts herself down as Frankie laps at the pair. When it's her turn to be fucked she is taken doggy as she feasts on Poppy's pussy. The scene ends with Poppy being piledriven in the arse, Frankie collecting a mouth full of cream and the girls having a spunky kiss.

Looking like minstrels, two guys sit in striped blazers, straw boaters and black face masks watching Rio and Sahara strip down to their stockings. The girls cavort around the floor, fingering and licking each other, their wet cunts glistening under the lights. The guys take out their dicks and the girls start to suck as they play with their own arses, Rio opening herself with four fingers and Sahara using a black toy. Sliding the shafts up their bums the pair bounce in unison. A third guy joins for the girls to suck on. Rio pushes a prick in her pussy and takes a second in her arse. Sahara pulls at her clit as her bum is bonked. After tasting their juices the two lie side by side to be showered in spunk.

In this cleverly-shot movie, Kendo makes great use of colour during the build up to the action, making the reds and blacks stand out. This is particularly noticeable when Lolly runs a red tulip over Suzie's bare flesh. The sound track also matches the moods of each scene. As for the girls ... eight of the best. What more can you say? Stiletto must surly be a prize winner.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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