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Released: 2006
Director: Tommy Joe
Notes: American Hardcore
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Running time: 114 mins.

Estelle features along with four American girls - Joey, Tia Ling, Christine Agrave and the natural red head Emma Red - in this stylishly shot boy/girl five scener.

Estelle appears in the first scene. The camera starts to pan from her silver painted toenails in her sexy diamante sandals, up her long legs past her bright red knickers and bra, to her face. As it pulls back she slips her fingers into her pussy and wanks. A man stands beside her. Kneeling, Estelle wraps her red lips around his cock and starts to suck. Her blonde locks fall over her face as she gags. As she lies with her head over the edge of the settee, her eyes water as she takes the full length down her throat, stopping only when she reaches his balls. Pulling her panties to one side the guy eases his fingers into her wet hole. The picture whites out and Estelle is riding the guy's cock. Stretching her pussy she settles down reverse cowgirl. The two fall onto their sides, the guy teasing by rubbing his cock over her wispy blonde pubes, then sliding over her clit into her cunt. As she bounces up and down Estelle does an interview. Moving onto all fours she presses her foot hard into the sofa as she is shagged doggy. Quickly turning, Estelle catches his load in her mouth - she has hit the jackpot.

Though this is a very nicely made film with five great girls, there is not a lot of variety in the scenes. Each follows the same pattern and after a couple of scenes it becomes repetitive. I would say watch it as it's obvious Tommy Joe knows what he is doing and how to make girls look sexy even with cum dripping out of their mouths, but only a couple of scenes at a time ... and start with Estelle.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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