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Released: 2006
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Erotic Flesh
Alternate Titles
  • Masks: Shadows
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

Bayleaf's review copy courtesy Rude Britannia

More low light rubber clad erotica from Kendo in a production that does exactly what it says on the tin. Unfortunately full face masks kept on throughout the scenes adds a little guesswork to my review.

Before a blazing fire, Natalie and Poppy share a bowl of fruit, swapping grapes with their tongues and smearing each other's breasts with squashed mango. While basque-clad Poppy and Natalie have been making themselves messy, Crystal, in a full-length fishnet body stocking, has been staring distractedly into the middle distance. All this changes when Nat and Poppy turn their attention to Crystal, ripping the bodystocking and smearing fruit over her body, with particular attention to her pussy. Crystal's pussy gets the full treatment as the other two put on dildo-face masks before Poppy turns her mask on Natalie. Much more fruit is pureed between the girls' writhing bodies and in their pussies before the scene ends.

Master Tony has two subjects to examine through his scarlet goggles. While Penny (at least I assume it's Penny) sits and watches wearing fishnets, a feather boa and a modern take on the traditional gas mask, Tony examines Poppy's body in detail. To start with Poppy wears a full-face rubber mask as Tony slaps her and drags a spiked wallpaper roller over her private parts. Poppy returns the favour by holding Tony's cock in her black rubber gloved hands and running a little spiked wheel over his shaft. Replacing her mask, Poppy gets fucked doggy then in superb reverse cowgirl, spreading her fishnet stockinged legs to take Tony's full length. Tony cums over Poppy's bizarre black and red mask while Penny, who has been quietly dildoing herself, looks on.

In the bare wood-panelled room that will be familiar to regular viewers, Janca teases Anais as she sits in an armchair with a stocking obscuring her features. Janca wears black rubber boots, gloves and a dress that fails to cover her boobs or her naked pussy. Warren (Paul Back) enters the room wearing a 'gas mask', dropping his trousers so that Janca can suck his impressive member to full hardness. Janca mounts Warren in reverse cowgirl on an armchair, then they fuck on the floor in spoons where Anais adds her tongue to the cock/pussy mix. At the end Warren climaxes over Janca's face and the girls swap his cum.

Roxanne, in black rubber dress, gloves and boots, rubs her ball gag against the fully-masked lips of Danny Mountain (Danny Boy) and Pascal. On all fours, Roxanne pushes her naked bum in the air and invites the guys to push a scarlet dildo up her pussy then, removing her gag, takes both cocks in her mouth. Replacing the gag with a full face mask as worn by Poppy earlier, Roxanne is fucked in reverse cowgirl and spoons. The mask, it appears, has a tight opening through which Pascal can push his cock into Roxanne's mouth thus doubling his pleasure. More heavy-duty pussy and arse fucking in doggy, piledriver (which include DP with a dildo) and spoons, before Pascal shoots over her pussy.

While Roxanne and Tony play footsie sitting on stools, Janca and Poppy gyrate on the bar behind them, wearing fishnet tights (crotchless of course), rubber dresses and bizarre masks. The dancers push rubber clad fingers into each other's pussies and fuck each other with dildos under the flickering neon lights on the bar. Meanwhile Tony removes his trousers (he wears no shirt) and slips his cock into his knickerless partner. Sex in doggy and missionary on the barstool and, by the time Roxanne and Tony fuck in spoons on the bar, the girls are sharing a double-ender. Scene ends with a facial for Roxanne.

Usual quality stuff from Kendo and ideal for anyone wanting something a little different. Top notch fucking and girl-girl action from some of the best Brit and Brit-based girls working at the moment. Despite the harsh and often low light levels, the action is generally clearly visible, which is more than can be said for many of the faces, which in turn lives up entirely to the production title. Recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

For his latest release Kendo has chosen seven hot girls and dressed them in fetish gear, including PVC, stockings and basques, to perform five sexy scenes. As with other Kendo work the settings, light and effects add to the erotic nature of the film.

Natalie and Poppy in their black and red basques are crouched over a small table feeding each other grapes. Crystal in her fishnet body stocking kneels head down towards the fire in the wood-panelled room. She is summoned to the table and laid down. Poppy pours jam over her body and starts to lick it off. Natalie joins in, lapping the sticky mess off her pussy. Poppy adds another dollop of jam. The girls use their fingers to mix it with her fanny juices. Rolling Crystal over, jam is dripped down her bum cleavage and Natalie uses her tits to rub it in. Pulling on dildo masks, the girls tease each other. Poppy screws a pear into Natalie's cunt. The fruit disintegrates and, kneeling, she munches on the mash. Crystal helps to lick her clean.

In her fishnet stockings and black rubber basque, Poppy lies face down on a table as Tony James runs spiked spurs over her buttocks. In the background a masked Penelope fingers herself. Kneeling in front of Tony, Poppy slips his cock through the snout on her face mask and slurps. Mask off, she runs the spurs up and down Tony's shaft as she sucks, and her black gloved hands grab and squeeze his balls. Poppy bends over double to be taken from behind. Penelope wanks vigorously with a big black toy as she watches. Riding Tony cowgirl, Poppy's tits jolt with each thrust of the cock. When ready to cum he showers her mask.

Janka cavorts in her black PVC dress and thigh-length boots in front of a seated Carima, whose legs are splayed and fastened and whose head is covered in a stocking. Janka runs her tongue over her neatly trimmed pussy and sucks on her tits. Carima sits pacifically as she is licked. Janka calls over Warren and spanks his bum before pulling down his pants to work on his flaccid cock. Her spitting and polishing works wonders and he is soon ready for action. Throwing Carima to the floor, Janka pushes Warren onto the chair and rides him, slamming her body down on his shaft. Carima manages to poke her tongue through the nylon and licks at the pair as they fuck spoons. Opening her mouth wide, Janka takes every last drop of spunk from Warren and dribbles it over Carima's stocking-clad face.

In the dead of night, Roxanne stands by the pool side in her skin-tight latex dress and high-heeled boots. Leaning against the wall are two masked men. She attempts to kiss them but her ball gag prevents her. The boys run their hands over her shiny black dress and it starts to rise, revealing her pussy. They push in a knobbled red dildo and lap at her clit. Released from her gag, Roxanne starts to suck man meat, her head yo-yoing between the boys as her latex-gloved hands wank at their shafts. Eventually she gets both cocks in her mouth. They finger and lick her pussy. Roxanne pulls on a face mask. As she rides one of the boys, she slips the second into her mouth. As she lies on her side, the boys shag her spoons. Roxanne moves the cock from her cunt to her arse. The spit roasting action continues as Roxanne is done doggy, pussy first then up the bum. The two finger her arse before pile driving her bum. Roxanne takes a black dildo in her pussy for added excitement. The scene ends when one of the boys comes over Roxanne's pussy.

The final scene starts in sepia tone and bleached colours. A masked Poppy and Janka dance on a bar while Tony James caresses and licks Roxanne's high heels. With Roxanne digging her heels into Tony's crutch the colour comes in. Poppy runs the dildo nose from Janka's mask over her pussy. On the stool in front, Roxanne's nipples peek out from her black PVC basque as Tony fingers her. Janka pushes her well-oiled latex gloves into Poppy's pussy. Roxanne takes Tony's cock in her mouth. On the bar the girls move. Her mask off, Poppy fingers and fills her face with Janka's fanny before jamming in a huge yellow toy. Roxanne lies face down over the bar stool to be fucked. The girls on the bar work away at each other's pussies, Janka eating grapes out of Poppy. They then share a double-ended dildo while Roxanne climbs up beside them to be taken spoons. With all three girls climaxing, Tony fires his load over Roxanne's face.

As with Kendo's other works, Shadows is nicely made, the only slight downer being some of the camera angles in Roxanne's pool scene which means some of the action is in darkness, but you can live with that. As for the subject matter, shiny dresses and high heels are erotic but I have to admit masks do nothing for me - they may be OK to hide the mugs of ugly blokes, but when they are on attractive girls... Even with my reservations about the masks, Shadows is still a great film to watch. Try it and see.

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