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Released: 2006
Director: Chris Streams
Notes: 3rd Degree Films
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Running time: 177 mins.

The scenario for each of the five scenes in Share the Load 4 is simple. Two almost identically dressed girls get fifty percent of the guy's time, then split the proceeds at the end of the scene. Among those taking part in this sharing scheme are Brooke Haven / Tory Lane, Jenna Oso / Veronica Jett and Alexis Silver with Gianna.

Alexis and Gianna appear at the head of a sweeping staircase, clad in gold and orange bikinis. They descend slowly, making their boobs bounce with each step. Reaching the bottom, the ties are undone and the two suck at each other's nipples. Heading for the sofa, the pair kneel. Their panties slip down past their knees as they wiggle in front of the camera. Pressing their bodies together, director-come-cameraman Chris moves in for a better view. The girls reach out and grab his dick. Gianna wraps her lips round Chris's manhood and fills her mouth. She passes it over to Alexis who swallows it to the hilt. The duo cradle Chris's dripping cock in their cleavages as he shoots his load towards their mouths. The girls spot Mark Ashley across the room and make a beeline for his cheb. Crouching down, the two trap his prick between their tits and wank him. Gianna lowers herself onto his erect member. Her cries echo around the sparsely furnished room as she bangs down. Alexis is slightly more muffled when she slips her pussy down the shaft, reverse. Between bouts of licking, Alexis and Gianna are taken doggy style till Mark can hold back no longer. Alexis is the girls who gets a mouth full of cream. She shares it with Gianna in a spunky kiss.

Though well made (with the exception of the first scene which is marred by a mucky camera lens), the action lacks variation and the 35 minute scenes appear repetitive. This is a film to delve into a scene or two at a time, rather than dedicating a whole night to.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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