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Released: 2006
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Tanya Hyde's Sex Club
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 226 mins.

They say you can have quantity or quality. At over 3¾ hours, Sex Club from Tanya Hyde shows you can have both. The film is the progression from Cabaret Bizarre, using the same eroto-fetish look with the girls in basques, corsets, stockings and PVC, performing very hot sexy action. As you would expect from a Hyde/Harmony production the set design, props, camerawork and lighting are spot on, marking Sex Club as a top class film.

The film starts with Bianca Devine as Miss Behaviour performing a retro 50s-style strip. As she rotates her nipple tassels and peels off her red and white spotty knickers to play with her pussy, the compere stands in the wings wanking.

The Sick Room
Rows of medical implements and shiny silver sex toys sit on stainless-steel shelves. The camera pans round. Slim sexy Frankie in her black corset, stockings and ballet boots lies motionless on the examination table. A bronzed Keira in her high heels and full-length rubber apron approaches. She tweaks Frankie's nipples and her latex-gloved hands massage her clit. Frankie runs her tongue round her sensuous red lips as Keira parts her pussy. Keira turns her over and a steel rod is slowly inserted. She crouches to have her arse licked. Frankie's feet are placed in stirrups and she plays with herself. Moving round the table, Keira straps a dildo to her chin. Frankie's body shudders as her clit is lapped and the toy slides back and forth. They change places and Frankie shoves an inflatable plug up Keira's bum and starts to pump it up. As she smiles, a double ended dong is eased into her pussy and arse and gently rocked.

The Torture Room
Frankie crawls on her hands and knees to a big steel door. She opens a flap half way up, a cock pops through and she starts to suck. Keira, in her black basque with her boobs poking out, stands beside her, holding her hair. The girls move on. Next is a guy strapped to the wall. Keira bends and her tongue dances over the head of his cock before she devours it. Onward again and a guy lies on the floor. Keira stands towering over him in her heels as Frankie feeds her face with his man meat. Keira lowers herself onto his face, rubbing her clit against his nose. Frankie lies across a table pulling her tits as the guy penetrates her pussy with his prick. Keira bends over a chair to be taken from behind. Frankie spanks the guy's bum as he fucks Keira up the arse. She climbs between the pair to lick. The guy fires over Frankie's tits and she lets the cream drip over Keira's bum.

Poppy Morgan's Fem-Dom Boudoir
Two guys in gangster suits enter a goods lift with the security guard. The doors open and they are faced with a red and purple painted room, furnished in wood and leather, and Daisy Rock performing a pole dance. They watch as she spins and gyrates around the pole, running her swollen pussy lips against the shiny steel. Dropping to the floor she lies on a lion skin and works a huge red toy into her dripping wet hole. Their dicks out, the guys move away. Poppy appears, hardly recognisable with her hair tucked under a large peeked hat. She grabs the cocks and starts to suck. Guard Sensi stretches Poppy's cheek with his man meat. It pops out of her mouth and her tongue flicks across the heads as she tries to take all three guys in her mouth. The lift doors open to reveal Donna Marie as a rubber clad nun. As she parts her habit, her tits are squeezed out the top of a tight PVC basque. Dropping to the floor she pulls at Sensi's big black dick before it disappears down her throat. The gangster guys appear and she gives all three a blow job. Poppy sits on the face of one of the guys, smoking a cigarette as her pussy is eaten. Sensi lets the girls take turns to ride and smear their fannies over his face. Suspended in a hammock, Donna slowly swings against Sensi. She has a piss before taking him up her arse. Poppy fingers a guy's bum as she sucks him then slides down his shaft. Fingering herself, Poppy fills her bum with cock and tastes the results. The first guy fires over Donna's face. Poppy takes Sensi in her mouth. Finally a squirt of well aimed spunk hits Donna's bum.

Dressed in shiny black rubber, Janca pees and wanks in the toilet. Pulling on her pussy, she plays with her clit as a guy spies through a hole in the wall. Janca offers him her fingers to suck. He pushes his hand through the hole and Janca works one of his digits into her arse. She kneels with her mouth against the hole. The guy forces his body hard against the partition for Janca to lick his dick, then she leaves. Isabel Ice, in a spangly red dress and fishnet stockings, arrives. Hiking up her dress she pisses over the floor. Seeing the guy, she takes his cock deep down her throat before going. The guy follows her into the bar, falling to the floor to examine her arse as she talks to Janca. She sits on a stool as he jams his dick in her arse. It wobbles slightly. Janca tries some cock action, lying with her legs open to be fucked missionary. The girls trade places. Eventually, when he is ready to cum, Isabel pulls on a mask with a funnel for a mouth to catch his cream.

Cockwork Ballet
In her black tutu and impossibly high ballet boots, Keira does her bar exercises in front of a large mirror in a black painted room. As she stretches her legs, her hand moves to her pussy. She admires herself in the mirror as she slips a finger into her fanny and her arse. Two bowler-hatted guys enter with three foot long dildos at the ready. Suspended in a harness, her legs open, Keira spins round hypnotically. The boys stop her turning and set to with their tongues on her pussy and arse. Flipping herself backwards, Keira's clit is squeezed between black latex gloves and her juices flow. Back on the floor, Keira wraps her amazingly long tongue around the two cocks, then swallows them up to the balls. They rhythmically ram their dicks between her legs. The screen goes black and the picture reappears with Frankie swaying violently on a leather swing. The bowler hatted droogs stop her, ripping open her fishnet tights in the process. One buries his head in her pussy as she sucks on the second. A cock in her cunt, Frankie leans back to have her throat fucked. On the isometric bars, Keira shows her gymnastic skills. Bent double, she wraps a long leg around the upright; the boys play with her pussy and fuck her. Moving back to Frankie they fill her fanny with manhood .... Keira fingers herself then slips a length of cheb in her arse. Frankie takes the cum in her mouth. Keira ends with her bum covered in jizz. (Not the first porn homage to Kubrick and Burgess - Ed.)

Back to the compere who is using Mouse as a chandelier. She slips out of her baby doll dress to take her daily dose of fruit and veg - a carrot in the cunt and a cucumber up the arse. Bending over, Mouse crams some sparklers in her bum and becomes a fireworks display. Finally she picks up a bottle of champagne, pours it into her bum, and, turning round, she becomes a human fountain!!!

Watching Sex Club it's easy to see why Tanya Hyde is one of the best directors of this genre of film going. The scenes may be long, but every second of build-up and action is worth it. Thank goodness Harmony didn't decide to crop the film back. As for the performers ... absolutely stunning. Matching slim dark haired Frankie with Keira for three of the scenes was perfect. Poppy in her hat and vintage looking stockings was hot and hardly recognisable and Isabel, Donna and Janca were just downright dirty. Finally Keira - she has shown in the past her long supple body and acrobatic abilities make her well suited to this type of film. In Sex Club she was truly outstanding ... it should be an award winning performance in what should be an award winning film!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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