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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason as Johnny Rebel
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Review copy courtesy of Rude Britannia

John Mason once remarked that he wanted to produce more genre productions. Whilst we've had the odd lingerie or tattoo-themed production, the lure of the big beds at Sheffield's La Chambre Swingers Club provide an irresistible lure and John returns for this fifth installment of his swingers series. Previously the format has been a few bg, bbg and bgg scenes and a finale featuring everyone in the production. Here John gives us simply three finales featuring eight guys plus John in action with ten women.

Most of the male cast such as Darryl, Vinny and John himself will be familiar to fans and are well able to keep wood when wielding their above-average sized cocks. A couple of the newbies have both size and erection problems but this doesn't detract from watching a heap of naked bodies sticking their bits together. What does detract is the decision not to use studio lighting. As a result almost all the film is muddy brown in tone and much of the action is unclear. There is no real excuse for this; while some of the cast may be pro-am they are all used to performing, having appeared in many other scenes (some of which are yet to be released).

Trying to describe each scene is futile. Overall the sex is varied, sometimes hard and vigorous, but mainly conventional one-on-one, spit roasting when the guys exceed the girls, and girl-on-girl when the balance is the other way. Everyone undresses in fairly short order, the girls grab the cocks and, as soon as they're hard, they're buried in pussy.

Rachel, Portia and the delightful Paige are joined by Keiron, Darryl and JR. Slim and pale, newbie Rachel wears a pinched, tight-lipped expression throughout, although this doesn't stop her enjoying the three cocks. Toned and tanned Portia (with remarkable white creases around her buttocks where the sunbed uv hasn't penetrated) enjoys the action along with rising porn starlet Paige.

For scene two John has upped the cock quota using five guys to fuck slim brunette and swinging regular Donna together with the ample charms of Leah Jayne and newbie blonde Lexi, another well rounded lady with a particularly large arse. Despite Kevin shooting his load fairly early on there's enough cock for all these ladies to get filled at both ends.

In the final scene the girls outnumber the boys when Emily, Cherry, Lucy and Donna Derriere take on just Alex and Vinny. Alex is not a big lad but since all of the girls get to slide onto Vinny's pole this doesn't seem to be a problem. And anyway, when there's no cock, Cherry brings off Lucy in quite fine fashion.

Loadsa girls, loadsa boys, loadsa sex. Loadsa fun.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2006

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