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Released: 2004
Director: James Avalon
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 109 mins.

Dating from the time when Hannah Harper was the top contract girl at Sin City, this plot based film deals with a murder in the fashion industry. American stars Dani Woodwood and Gia Jorden are vying with tall, blonde, Dasha to get the top job in the cut throat business of fashion modelling. When Dasha is found dead on a photo shoot, the police are called. No one has a good word for the girl, but they hit a blank when they try to identify the culprit.

Psychic detective Hannah is called to help out. As she sweeps around the room in her open fronted black dress, she picks up vibes: passion, jealousy and murder. In a series of flash backs, Hannah starts to piece together the mystery. She sees Dasha shagging the studio boss Eric Masterson in the dressing room and new girl Keri Sable giving photographer Vladamir a blow job. On the set, Hannah picks up more vibes. This time she sees Dasha's sexual antics with Dani's boyfriend... Plenty of people had a motive to get rid of Dasha.

Back at the police station, Hannah gets a flash of inspiration and works out who the murderer was. Faced with her findings, they admit their guilt.

Case solved, and Hannah is ready to celebrate with detective Dale Debone. Undoing her dress, it falls away from her boobs. Dale moves in to suck them, then slowly moves down her body to her pussy. Stripped, Hannah spreads out on the interview table. Placing her leg on Dale's shoulder, he thrusts deep into her pussy. As she turns to be taken doggy, policeman Talon bursts into the room. They have worked as a team, so Hannah says it is only right he should add his cock to her arse. She lies back to be double dicked. Ready to cum, the boys jerk their loads over Hannah's face. She smiles. Case closed!

The story line in Silk Stockings may be predictable, but it's done tongue-in-cheek and is helped by Hannah hamming things up with her dramatic gestures and over emphasis of her posh English accent, in her part as the strange psychic. As for the sex, it's warm and erotic, with Hannah adding a little spice at the end. Pity she's only in one scene. The only 'downer' on the film is that on its trip across the Atlantic and its transfer to UK DVD format, the picture quality has become grainy. And for some strange reason, the release is now in letterbox format, leaving nice black stripes across the top and bottom of the picture.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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