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Released: 2006
Director: Francois Clousot
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 132 mins.

Set in the world of modelling on America's west coast, Stalker is a psychological thriller with a twist at the end. Hannah Harper stars as the beautiful blonde model who's relationship with her boyfriend has cooled. She is befriended by Chris Cannon but everything's not as it seems.

Hannah sits on the sofa with boyfriend Doug. She wants a cuddle and some affection from him as they watch a horror movie, but he doesn't react even when she drops down and starts to suck his cock. Removing her negligee, Hannah's long blonde hair trails down her back as she rubs against his body, Doug lies impassionate and immobile as she slides her pussy down his cock. Eventually Hannah gets Doug to take a little interest as she goes on her hands and knees to be taken doggy. It doesn't last long and she is soon taking his cream over her face. Upset, she heads for bed.

Awoken next day by a call from Brittney Skye, Hannah finds Doug has left for work without saying goodbye. She is even more surprised when Chris Cannon walks into the bedroom, he has come to install an alarm system. Hannah ushers him out and locks the door while she showers, but gets an uneasy feeling she is being watched.

On his next visit, Chris finds the two arguing again. Doug storms out of the house and he is left to console an upset Hannah. Mistakenly she trusts him, he gives her his card and tells her to call. After a photo shoot, Hannah finds her car won't start, it's been sabotaged. Unable to contact boyfriend Doug she calls Chris. He picks her up and on the way home she sees Doug with another woman ... she wants to be alone.

Chris leaves her in the house and picks up a blonde girl from the streets. As he fucks her he fantasises about Hannah. In a cleverly edited sequence the girls interchange. He dreams Hannah has her lips around his cock, he dreams she is riding his prick deep in her pussy, he dreams he is shagging her doggy, he dreams she swallows his cum... He is besotted by Hannah and sets off to do something about it.

To his shock, Hannah and Doug have made up when he arrives and, unable to stand her rejection, Chris pulls a gun.

A story line with 'proper' acting form both Hannah Harper and Chris Cannon and good support from Ariana Jollee, Brooke and Trina Michaels make this a great film to watch ... the sex scenes are hot as well. While Hannah may be the only Brit in front of the camera it's interesting to see Flick Shagwell credited as the make-up artist and an excellent job she does on the girls. If you want end to end bonking this isn't your type of film, but if it's a decent plot with thoughtful well presented dialogue then try Stalker ... Top marks.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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