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Released: 2006
Director: James Edwards
Notes: Candice Paris Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Rude Girls 7
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

Shot in and around the Edwards' house, the seventh film in the Rude Girls series shows that, with the right girls and decent direction, good quality entertainment can be produced without the need for exotic locations and a huge production team. The film follows the same format as the others in the series: a mix of solo girl and girl on girls scenes. This time blonde Sarah Wright takes the lead role, popping up several times.

Sarah starts the proceedings, getting hot and wet in the bathroom. Lifting her tits out of her tight red dress she squeezes them together. Her hand wanders over her pussy. Then she climbs into the shower, playing the water over her body. The wet dress clings to every curve. Stripped and soaped up, she slips a vibrator into her pussy and starts to wank, using her fingers. Sarah's fanny is soon foaming. Turning the shower onto full power, Sarah crouches, jetting her cunt until she climaxes.

Big boobed April sits on the bed in her pale blue top. She raises it and starts to suck at her nipples, getting them hard and erect. Getting excited, her hand moves to her black panties and starts to stroke. Her fingers twiddle with her pierced clit. Knickers off, a vibrator follows April's fingers into her pussy and she spreads her legs to take it deep. With the toy planted in her tight hole, April rolls over onto all fours, moaning as she plays. Lying back she pulls hard on her pussy till she orgasms.

Blondes Laura and Lindsay are next on the bed, dressed in their sexy lingerie. They kiss and Lindsay's red bra is quickly removed. Laura laps at her nipples. Laura's black bra and panties follow. The two 69, munching at each other's minges. Laura eases a couple of fingers into Lindsay, opening her pussy ready for her toy. She jabs the vibrator into Lindsay then presses it against her clit making her juices flow. The girls lick the toy clean. Laura then pulls on her purple strap-on and screws Lindsay till she cums, before going down on all fours to take the vibrator in her own wet hole.

In her black lingerie and stockings, Sarah sits caressing her legs. Raising her knee, she licks the nylon as she undoes her bra. Turning, she shows the camera her bum and slips down her knickers to massage her clit. Holding a curved lime-coloured toy hard against her cunt, Sarah moans and shakes. She bites her stockings as she masturbates. A good dollop of lube and a more conventional vibrator is popped into her pussy to finish off the job.

Natalie appears on the sofa in her pink patterned summer dress and sandals. She caresses her body as she lies. Dropping the top of her dress, she pulls at her nipples. Her fingers move down to her pink lace panties and enter. Flinging her knickers at the camera, Natalie fingers her smoothly shaven mound. then she slips a silver and dark purple vibrator between her legs and wanks. Bending over the back of the sofa, Natalie works the toy into her damp pussy.

Faye and red-haired Katie share the brown leather sofa. It doesn't take long for Faye's boobs to end in Katie's mouth. Faye returns the favour as she fingers herself. Rubbing at Katie's damp knickers, Faye pulls them to one side to get to her cunt. Her tongue flicks at her clit ring. Faye strips to her pink and white knickers. She opens her legs wide for Katie to lap at her cunt, then Katie forces her face into Faye's fanny. The two 69, their tongues exploring the folds of each other's pussy lips. A slim bronze-coloured toy appears and Faye's body bounces as Katie works it into her pussy. Wearing a big black strap-on, Faye fucks Katie doggy. She then lies back to let her ride the plastic, nibbling her nipples as she shags.

Stella lies under the duvet masturbating. She throws the cover back and plunges her hand into her white knickers. Lifting her large tits out of her bra, she pulls at her nipples, rolling onto her side to show her arse to the camera. Two fingers into her fanny makes Stella hot and wet, ready for a big turquoise dildo. After teasing her clit, Stella rams the toy in her cunt, then pulls her legs back to her chest to take the toy deeper. Releasing her boobs from her bra, she goes onto all fours and fingers herself hard, leaving her pussy gaping. With the dildo back inside her damp pussy, Stella climaxes.

Sandie and Sarah are playing pool in the pub, but their thoughts are on each other not the game. Sandie removes her slashed white top and red bra so that Sarah can play with her boobs. Sarah pulls down her red top to have her tits sucked. Sarah has one leg stretched along the length of the table and Sandie kneels to lap at her pussy. The pair climb onto the table to 69. A knobbled purple vibrator appears which is eased into Sarah's pussy. A gold coloured toy used on Sandie is soon smeared with her juices. Daubing Sandie's pussy in lube, Sarah uses her black strap-on, shagging her doggy then letting her mount it. Her wet pussy lips bang against the plastic balls as she cums.

Those who do not search the scene menu will miss out on Sarah's bedtime bonus session. In a tight pink top, Sarah fondles her tits. Fingers walk down to her black knickers which are pulled tight into her snatch. Sarah strips down to her black underwear trimmed with white lace. Panties pulled to one side, she starts to finger as she tweaks her tits. Naked, she dribbles lube into her pussy and a vibrator slowly glides in. As she rolls over, the toys movement becomes more vigorous until she shakes with pleasure.

Part of the pleasure of this film and the whole of the Rude Girls series is the natural 'homely' settings and the way the girls appear at ease with themselves and the camera. The nine girls all did an excellent job - hot and erotic without going over the top. A great British all girl film and well worth getting.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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