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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films, previously a TVX series
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 149 mins.

Watching Skint Students it's very evident that this film started life as a series of episodes for TV. Phil Barry recites the same spiel at the start of each of the six identical in length scenes, telling us how ads in the local papers have attracted fresh talent to his studio. Whilst some of the girls who appear are new, others such as Paige, Katie Raymond and Sabrina (as Jane) have a wealth of experience in front of the camera.

The first 'student' to appear is Paige who makes her way from Bristol university in a bright red top and denim skirt. Changed and with her make-up on, Paige meets Pascal on set. Dropping her black top, she shows him her boobs. The pair kiss. Paige's hand rest on the front of Pascal's pants. Lifting her skirt, Pascal pulls Paige's knickers tight into her pussy, then bends to lick. His finger slips past the fabric into her fanny. Laid back on the sofa, Paige is ready to be fucked. Pascal pokes at her shaven mound. Sitting up, she sucks at his dick then turns on all fours to be filled, doggy. The pair progress from shagging spoons to cowgirl and things end with Paige being taken missionary. Pascal pulls out and jerks his cream over Paige's tongue. She lets it drip off her chin.

Mature student Katie is strapped for cash and decides that appearing in adult movies can pay her way through college. Katie appears a little shy as she's introduced to Marlon, but he soon puts her at ease as he strokes her body. Loosening Katie's top, Marlon sees her erect nipples. His mouth makes a bee line for them as his hands find her pink panties. Kneeling between Katie's legs, Marlon laps and chews at her clit. This makes her nipples stand up even more. Stripping, Katie grabs Marlon's big black cock and pulls it towards her mouth. The two fall to the floor and 69. Sliding herself down Marlon's shaft, Katie starts to ride, her nipples nearly poking him in the eye. The pair roll over so that Katie is taken from behind. They then run through their repertoire of positions which ends with Marlon wanking his load into Katie's mouth.

College girl Sabrina (as Jane), in her pink lingerie and fishnet stockings, saunters over to see Tony. Removing her bra, Tony sucks at her tits. Sabrina tugs at his jeans as he spanks her arse. Her panties falling to the floor, he starts to finger. Sabrina lies back on the red sofa, her legs spread. Tony is between them, lapping. His pants down, she tongues his balls and pops his prick into her mouth. The wet dick is run through Sabrina's cleavage. Tony sits so that Sabrina can mount him. She climbs off and gags on his cock. Boob joggling doggy is followed by missionary, then spoons. The session ends with Sabrina getting her lips covered with Tony's spunk.

Cindy has come to the UK to train as a nurse. Turning up at the Pumpkin studios, she wants to find what else Bristol has to offer. Pascal quickly has Cindy's boobs out of her uniform and explores what's beneath her black knickers. She moans as he licks and fingers. Cindy's foot rubs against the bulge in his pants. Unzipping his cock, she presses it between her lips. Stripped out of her uniform, she continues to suck at Pascal's cock, then slips her way down his wet shaft, crouching on his thighs. Pascal picks up Cindy. Hanging from his neck, she continues to fuck. He lays her down, banging into her pussy. After riding reverse, Cindy falls onto her side to be shagged. Pascal fires his cum over her pussy.

Student nurse Lisa (as Marie) is apprehensive about her first girl/girl scene - until she sees Kayleigh sitting in her red bustier. Undoing Lisa's black bra, Kayleigh plays with her pierced nipples. Lisa's fingers reach Kayleigh's pussy. The pair strip. Sitting Lisa down, Kayleigh's tongue explores her snatch. The two swap places so Kayleigh can be licked. A blue vibrator is produced from under a cushion. Kayleigh pants as the toy penetrates deep into her pussy. Spread out on the sofa, Lisa takes a pink didlo in her hole. Side-by-side, the girls bring themselves to climax.

Exchange student Claudia is the last of the girls to make her way to the Pumpkin studios. In her black top and tight white pants, she meets Tony. Slipping off her top and bra, Tony stands behind Claudia and fondles her tits. She turns to let him lick. Next, her pants and knickers are off. Tony sits as Claudia stands over him to have her pussy licked. Her thigh muscles flex as she's fingered. With Tony's cock now out, Claudia fills her mouth. Her cheeks sink in as she wraps her lips round his dick. Dropping back in the sofa, Claudia is entered missionary. The two shuffle their way round to cowgirl, then spoons. The action moves to the sheepskin rug with Claudia being fucked doggy, then turned onto her back. Tony shoots his load over Claudia's face and neck.

I have to admit that after the first scene, Phil's introductions are superfluous and only highlight that the format of each scene is basically the same. With the exception of Lisa, who looked uncomfortable with her girl/girl action, the rest of the performances are respectable. Although, Phil's jump cut editing does somewhat break the flow of the scenes. Skint Students may help the girls finance their education, but it also makes for decent watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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