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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight Studios
Alternate Titles
  • S.Punk: Twisted Dream
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

Dreamlight Studios may be a new name on the DVD shelves but they have entered the market with a bang. Releasing a fist full of films featuring the cream of UK and European performers, and directed by Kendo, they are bound to make their mark. Made in 2006, S.Punk is one of the first 'batch'. Full of chic chicks having sex in their 'new wave' gear, the film is a million miles from the spotty teens in their torn and pinned jeans of the late 70's.

Following on from two scenes shot in a graffiti ridden pseudo-club, Poppy appears. Lounging against a wall in her pink net top and striped stockings, she pulls a dildo from her belt and thrusts it into her pussy. Steve Hooper watches as Poppy spreads her legs and slides the toy in and out. Crawling across the floor, Poppy runs her nails down Steve's dick and devours it. With spit dripping from the head of his cock, Steve pushes Poppy back and probes her pussy. Climbing on top of Steve, Poppy slips down his shaft and rides. Holding onto his nut sack, Poppy falls onto her side. Following sex doggy-style, Steve wanks his load onto Poppy's tits.

Swinging her booted legs over the sill of a sleek yellow sports car, Renee finds punk Pascal in her garage. Lifting her safety pinned top, Pascal spits on Renee's tits. Grabbing his shaft, she takes it down her throat. Mascara runs down her cheeks as Renee swallows. Lying over the bonnet of the car, Renee pulls at her bum cheeks. Pascal parts her pussy and licks, then rams, his prick into the damp hole. Bathed in red light, the pair move to the floor for more fucking. A long reverse ride is followed by missionary. Renee caresses herself as Pascal jerks his jizz over her body.

Punk Paige sits in a graffiti strewn room while JJ paces back and forth. Dropping to her knees, she stops him dead in his tracks by filling her face with his cock. Holding Paige's head, JJ pulls her hard onto his balls. Her eyes water as she gags. With her tits hanging out of her slashed top, Paige jabs a pink rod into her pussy. JJ runs his fingers over her clit. Disco lights play over the couple as Paige mounts cowgirl. She twists round on the cock to face JJ. Glistening with sweat, Paige leans over a bench to be banged from behind. She sits up to get her face coated with cream.

Carefully staged and cleverly shot, Kendo has produced a stylised interpretation of the punk era in a film full of hot, hard action. My only moan is lack of credits, but hopefully this can be sorted for future releases. A great start for Dreamlight. Let's hope the rest of their output is as good.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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