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Released: 2005
Notes: Jealousy International
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Running time: 62 mins.

In an attempt to be fair when reviewing films I always watch them through to the end, no fast forward, no jump to next scene, but with Social Services Sluts I was sorely tempted to do both. This short film (just over an hour including the so-called bonus scene) features three girls in solo and girl-on-girl scenes.

Sitting in her red top emblazoned with the word Sexy, Heidi is interviewed by a very nasal sounding camera man. He admits his camera work may not be the best in the world (and here I agree with him) as the picture wanders and wobbles into focus on Heidi's laced white knickers. Off to the kitchen for some time wasting as she makes a cup of coffee, then back on the floor for a flash of her bum. Cut and Heidi is on a bed fingering herself. Another cut and she's in a wheelchair where she presses a small silver vibe against her clit and then pops it into her pussy.

Lounging back on a black leather chair, CJ (as Zoe) has her hand down her jeans when the door bell rings. Freya has arrived. After a bit of a chat she sucks at Zoe's nipples and heads off for a coffee. Zoe drops her panties, while the camera points here there and everywhere, including a nice close up of the light switch. Returning, cup in hand, Freya licks at Zoe's body. Stripped to her bra, Zoe bends forward to let Freya finger and use a pink vibrator on her fanny. She moves in to bite her clit. Powering up a Sybian, Freya sits on it with Zoe at the controls. Then the girls swap places until, nice and wet, they 69. Zoe wants one more go on the machine and Freya turns the power up full.

Heidi reappears for the bonus scene with a can of cream which she squirts over her body and massages in.

This film doesn't only affect your eyes with its out of focus and random shots, but also assaults your ears. The microphone is constantly being caught and bashed. As if this wasn't bad enough, there is a large fuchsia logo positioned at the bottom right of the screen throughout and the banner "For Training Purposes" flashes across the top of the picture. If it were on video you could at least tape over the top of it ...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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