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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, widescreen
Alternate Titles
  • UK Soccer Babes 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 129 mins.

This second collection of soccer themed scenes, while nicely shot and with the benefit of some ribald location chat by way of introduction, is otherwise pretty formulaic stuff. The one-to-one action is good but unspectacular and the location work is muted, with only Jem getting her tits out for the lads.

Jane Berry is a blue scouser - well we all knew that and here she proves it. First by popping round to Goodison Park to flash and get herself felt-up by the Everton faithful, then by getting herself properly fucked on camera. Straightforward pussy fucking, rather reserved by Jane's usual standards - she just removes her shorts and fucks to facial in her soccer shirt. Although she does manage a stream of dirty talk to camera throughout.

Big blonde Kyla Kroft meets fans at Trent Bridge before stripping for the camera back home. Notts Forest fan Kyla is fucked in most positions on a red dralon sofa while keeping her white kinky boots on. The scene ends with a cum shot over her tattooed lower back.

Jemstone reckons she's freezing her tits off at the City of Manchester Stadium where she poses with Man City fans. She's still hanging around after the match but is then taken home to be warmed up, although this only means a bit of stripping while a guy jerks off watching her. Jem gets close to the cock but doesn't actually touch it, even when it produces a little cum over her tits.

American "student" Mischa Mckinnon reckons she's a fan of the Rams, although I'm not sure a meeting with Derby County fans is what she expected when she got the gig. Mischa removes her soccer strip, but leaves her black and white scarf wrapped around her waist and some cute black and white striped cotton socks on, while getting fucked on a white sofa. As usual Mischa injects a dose of style to the proceedings.

While Mischa's support for Derby may be convenient, sending gobby Keira Farrell down to the New Den to meet Millwall supporters looks pretty real. While the teams are playing, Keira wanders around outside, desperate to get her tits out while avoiding arrest, eventually settling for a double-entendre with the hot dog man. Back home, Keira undresses for the camera before being joined by Stefan Hard for some decent sex. As usual Keira seems to enjoy every minute, taking Stafan's cock in her pussy every which way until a good facial brings matters to an end. "Now that's what I call a fuck" gasps a breathless Keira at the end.

This is pretty average stuff from Pornostatic, which says more about the company's flair and innovation than about this perfectly competent but safe production. However the company should be ashamed of itself over the flaunting of Jemstone as the cover girl here when what the film delivers is softcore. Sex scenes with Jem are rare and only with her partner, which is probably why she makes it to the box cover. BE WARNED.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

DiSanto and the Pornostatic squad have followed up on their Soccer Babes film by taking another five girls out and about to clubs throughout the land. As with the first film, the scenes all start outside the grounds with the girls mingling with the fans before heading off for a fuck.

Wandering round Goodison Park, Sabrina (as Jane Berry) shows she comes from the Blue side of Liverpool. With fans gathering round, Sabrina flashes her boobs then leaves before the police take too much of an interest in her. Back at the flat, Sabrina wiggles and dances with her blue and white scarf before dropping to her knees to gulp on cock. With her tight white shorts off, the faceless guy lifts her top to play with her boobs. Sabrina climbs onto the sofa to be shagged from behind. Grabbing her bum, she rides the cock cowgirl. A few low angle shots of Sabrina bouncing about and the guy cums over her boobs.

Kyla Kroft attracts the attention of the Notts County fans as they leave Trent Bridge. The freezing cold weather has made her nipples stand proud under her tight white top. Making for the warmth, the big-boobed blonde strips to her white knee length boots and plays with her pussy. Studly Goodfuck's cock comes into view and is swiftly swallowed by Kyla. Positioning herself, she plonks her pussy onto his face so they can 69. Sliding down his body, Kyla mounts his dick. Leaning forwards, her breasts brush across Studly's chest. Flashing her piercing blue eyes, Kyla cradles her tits as she is entered missionary. On all fours, on the sofa, Studly bangs away from behind, pulling out to fire his load from the base of Kyla's back to the nape of her neck.

On a freezing cold day, the only thing to cheer the Man City supporters after another defeat is the sight of Jemstone's boobs as she stands outside the stadium. Returning home, Jemstone runs her hands over her white T-shirt and lifts out her tits to play with them. Studly wanks as Jemstone peels down her pants. He gropes at her bum as she fingers herself. Teasing his cock, her tongue gets tantalisingly close to the tip, but never touches. Studly jerks his jizz over Jemstone's tits.

Michelle Banks (as Mischa Mckinnon) looks completely lost as the Derby faithful erupt when they score. Satisfied with the score, she leaves to try and get a result with Studly. Arriving home, Michelle's boobs come out as she falls to the floor to slurp on Studly's shaft. Her black and white scarf tied round her waist, Michelle licks her fingers and uses them to part her pussy lips. Studly lies back, letting Michelle climb onto his cock. The pair move to the sofa where the action continues with his prick in her pussy, missionary. Some doggy style shagging and Studly is ready to release his spunk into Michelle's mouth.

Millwall fan Keira wants to show off her new boobs to the fans at the New Den, but the place is crawling with the boys in blue. So she decides to keep them covered. Back at the flat, Keira pulls down her shorts to show Stefan Hard the goal. But not before he has admired her new enhanced breasts. Showing the camera her arse, Keira can't wait to get fucked. Stefan dives into the box and starts chewing her clit. Grabbing his dick, Keira laps his balls before stuffing it down her throat. Covered in spit, she turns to be taken from behind. With moans and cries the two shag every which way they can. Stefan cums over her tits. Keira grasps his cock and licks off the last drops of spunk.

Of the girls, only Keira and Sabrina looked vaguely interested in football, so it therefore seems a strange peg to hang the film round. Pornostatic have also let their standards slip in the production stakes, with bad framing and out of focus shots in some of the scenes. A watchable film, but not one of Pornostatic's best.

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