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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, widescreen
Alternate Titles
  • UK Soccer Babes
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

Another two hour helping of Soccer Babes where the girls are taken to a football ground of their choice for some banter with the fans before being taken home for a shagging. Top Saturday afternoon entertainment.

The first snatch of the day is Karla, who joins the crowds for an evening kick-off at Sheffield United at the end of the 2005/6 season as the Blades anticipate promotion to the Premiership. Karla looks a bit wary amongst the good natured supporters, but once on home turf she's flashing her toned body for the camera. Karla's own home strip is her personalised Soccer Babes shirt and micro white panties. As soon as a guy arrives she has his cock in her mouth and shortly afterwards she's lifted her shirt and is bouncing, reverse cowgirl, on his cock. Karla keeps her red and white scarf handy as the pair fuck in the usual positions on a sofa until the guy comes over her face.

Another evening match for Sahara Knite at Leicester's Walker Stadium where the Foxes are playing the Rams. Cue jokes from interviewer/stud 'Studley' about ramming it up her arse which, strangely, is exactly what happens just a few minutes later. A little solo work as Sahara strips to her white knee boots, then she takes the stud's big cock straight up her bum in cowgirl followed by missionary and all the rest, until she gets a modest load deposited over her bum.

Cheeky Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence is checking out the fans at MK Dons, but it's not long before she's back at the studio/flat where we can check out here arse. EML starts to strip for for the camera but, when she's down to her g-string, the stud arrives for some 69 before she sits on his cock. EML gets her hard little body properly fucked in all positions on the white sofa before finishing with a facial.

Sheffield lasses Lolly Badcock in blue (United) and Robyn Hunter in red (Wednesday) are being driven to Hillsborough for a local derby. They mix wth some Owls supporters before the fans leave to mix it with the Blades fans and the girls return home for some girl on girl sex. On a bed, the girls slowly undress, kissing and licking while a naked cock occasionally strays into view. But these girls are strictly "with own partner only", so it's just dildos at dawn here.

Finally Natalie Heck meets a few Crystal Palace supporters leaving the match at Selhurst Park before returning to a room for sex with Stefan Hard. The pair don't waste much time in stripping off for some extended mutual oral before Stefan fucks Natalie on the sofa, starting in doggy and ending in missionary and finishing over her face.

Five decent scenes with the girls being put through their paces. The usual clear camerawork we have come to expect from Pornostatic and the dirty girls make this a pleasure to watch, especially Sahara's slim body taking a cock up her arse from the off. The final scene is a departure in terms of set, being shot on a brown patterned sofa against beige drapes. Such a seventies look that I expected Inspector Gene Hunt to arrive by kicking the door in. Then I thought of Natalie with a full bush, Stefan in a wig and Zapata moustache and it could have been I was watching Life on Mars, the porn movie. (idea © Bayleaf 2007).

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Whilst some of the girls are ardent football fans, others who appear admit they have never been to a game. Still, it's an interesting idea, placing some of Britain's best loved adult stars outside various grounds and letting them be mobbed by supporters before heading off for a good hard bonk.

Karla Romano is a through and through Sheffield United fan. Following chants and jeers outside their ground, it's off for some serious fucking. Sitting, in her red and white scarf, she caresses her pussy through her sheer white panties. A cock appears beside her. It's straight into her mouth. The guy pulls her long hair clear of her huge hooped earrings, as her head bobs up and down on his shaft. Spreading Karla's bum, the guy spanks and licks her arse. She screws round, forcing her tits into his face. The two fall to the floor to 69. Knickers off, Karla holds herself above the guy's shaft and sinks it into her pussy. Wrapping her scarf around her leg, he hammers into her hole. Rolling onto their sides, the action continues spoons. Karla moves onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Ready to cum, Karla catches the guy's cream in her mouth and plays with it.

Leicester City fan Sahara Knite stands, on a cold night, being interviewed outside the stadium. She'd much rather be indoors with a cock up her arse. In the hotel room she lifts her white blouse and pulls her knickers to one side. Rolling round on the marble floor she strokes and pokes her body. Grabbing a cock, she forces it down her throat. Her hand wanks at the spit covered shaft. Stripped to her white knee-length boots, Sahara stands astride the guy and plunges his cheb into her arse. The couple turn over, bum-bonking missionary, then down an all fours. With the blue and white scarf round her waist, Sahara takes an anal ride cowgirl. The guy jerks his jizz over her bum.

Elizabeth Lawrence is one of the few MK Dons supporters. Asking the fans what's going to happen, they can't predict the result but they know Elizabeth is going to get a good rogering. In her skimpy white shorts and a top emblazoned with her name, Elizabeth dances round the room. A guy sits, his cock out ready for her. Working down her shorts, she stands in her black g-string, trimmed in red. She bends to take his cock between her luscious red lips. The guy taps her bum with his wet prick and pokes a couple of fingers into her fanny. Elizabeth sits on his face and falls forward, filling her throat with knob. Climbing on the cock cowgirl, Elizabeth's pussy lips stretch around its girth. Her nipples are chewed as she bounces up and down. On her hands and knees, she tugs at her clit ring as the guy pumps deep into her pussy. Legs pulled back, she is taken missionary. Elizabeth turns onto her side, lipstick smeared. The guy pops his load into her mouth.

A second visit to Sheffield, this time for the Derby match between the blue and white Lolly Badcock and the red and white Robyn. Game over, the girls head back to the hotel where they can tackle each other on the bed. Peeling down her denim shorts, Lolly gets Robyn to lap at her white lace knickers. The tables are turned when Robyn's kit is loosened and the pair snog and stroke on the bed. Lifting Robyn's top, Lolly's long tongue teases her nipples. Lolly slips a finger in her own fanny. The excited cameraman starts to wank. A bright red vibrator parts Lolly's pussy lips and is inserted deep into her damp minge. Robyn, too, tries a toy. The two lie masturbating as the cameraman cums on the bed sheet.

Northern lass Natalie Heck is apparently a Crystal Palace supporter. A little far fetched? In her blue and red she sits rubbing her pussy in the flat, then strips to her black boots. Stretched out on the sofa, a guy moves between her legs, filling his face with her sweet tasting fanny. Going on to all fours, he laps at her arse. Natalie bites her lips as she is fingered. Tugging at his pants, Natalie's boobs rest on his thigh as she tongues his cock. She positions herself to swallow its length. The two tumble round on the sofa. His balls bang Natalie's clit as her pussy is entered from behind. Riding both ways is followed by some missionary work, with her legs pushed right back. Natalie slips to the floor as the guy jerks at his cheb. Her face and tits are showered in spunk.

The football link gives DiSanto something to frame the film around and the teams chosen won't offend many viewers (though there is a noticeable absence of teams north of the border). The five scenes are nicely done with some decent performances from the girls. The only slight let down was Robyn, who allowed Lolly to steal the scene. An entertaining two hours from the Pornostatic Studio.

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