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Released: 2007
Director: Tony Goodfellow & Johnny Rebel (John Mason)
Notes: Rude Britannia / Soho Books / Whitecliffs Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

After their first successful foray into film, Soho Books have stayed in the area they know for Soho Strip, with all the action being shot in a central London club. They have also used three hot and established actresses in Angel Long, Renee Richards and Suzie Best. The result however is not what you'd expect.

The first scene starts with 'arty' black and white 'jump cut' shots in the bar. As the camera enters the auditorium the colour fades in. The crowds watch as Angel and Renee slowly strip as they swing round the poles and end up on the floor. Applause greets the two as they 69, fingering each other on the flashing disco floor. In the front row, Richard and Merlin sit tugging at their tadgers, which Angel and Renee lean over the edge of the stage to suck. Rubbing their pussies against the poles, the girls are hot and ready. As they grab Richard and Merlin the colour fades.

Renee leads the boys along a narrow corridor to a cramped bedroom and Angel brings up the rear. As she enters the room she towers over Richard. The girls put on a private show for the pair as they stand and wank. Pulling back her legs, Angel lets Renee work a purple dildo deep into her pussy. The two lie on top of each other chewing at cunt. The boys join in, their cocks being taken into the girls' mouths. Angel laps at Richard's balls as he fucks Renee. Merlin sticks his prick into Angel's pussy. The four shuffle round the bed to change partners and Richard lies motionless, hands behind head, as Angel sucks and fucks his cock. Then she goes down on all fours because she wants her arse filled. More jostling as Renee is taken doggy by Merlin before Angel grabs both boys for some DP action. The half-hearted double dicking of Angel continues, though the lads seem to have lost their lead. Richard jerks off over Renee's tits and Merlin cums in Angel's mouth. The girls swap spunk.

Back on the stage, Lala dances round in her one-piece black costume and boots. Only Richard is in the seats watching, cock in hand. As she bends back, the g-string disappears into her snatch. She kicks off her boots and fingers herself in front of Richard. He hands her a glass dildo which Lala works into her pussy. The wet toy is rubbed over Richard's face and he is dragged onto the stage. Stripped, Lala runs her tongue over his manhood before taking it between her lips and swallowing. With the cameraman clearly in view, Richard lies flat. The couple rub their bodies together. Lala then slowly sinks down his shaft and starts to grind. The action is illuminated by the flashing floor. Falling to their sides, the pair continue spoons. Lala stands wrapped around the pole to be taken from behind. The two slide back to the floor. A few jabs missionary and Richard fires over Lala's face.

In a long white dress, Suzie is next on stage. She wastes no time stripping and planting a purple vibe in her pussy. Richard and Neil are invited up and, kneeling between them, Suzie sucks at their cocks. With Neil on his back, Suzie perches her pussy on his prick and works her way down, Richard filling her mouth. Down on all fours she is spit roasted, the boys changing ends half way through. Mounting Neil cowgirl, Suzie spins round to take him up her arse, arching her back for Richard to enter her pussy at the same time. Suzie goes down for some doggy action but Richard starts to flag, leaving Neil to bring her to climax. Suzie yanks at the two cocks till they cum over her face.

Renee returns to the stage, this time alone. She swings and gyrates around the poles then grabs Merlin from the 'crowd'. His trousers down, Renee ties Merlin to the pole to give a blow job, her tongue flicking the head of his cock as she swallows. She releases him and sits on his face before making her way towards his dick for some reverse riding. Bumping and grinding, Renee leans forward and the pair move to missionary over the floor lights. Finally, Merlin drops his jizz into Renee's mouth. She plays with the spunk.

I have to admit I found this film very uninspiring. There appeared to be little chemistry between the performers and the sex was 'mechanical' rather than erotic, with inanimate Richard and his failing erection not helping things. After Soho Books successful debut film, Soho Strip is a bit of a let down.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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