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Released: 2007
Director: Rob Stone and Miyah
Notes: Rob Stone Films
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Running time: 121 mins.

You can't keep a good man down, except this time it's Miyah's turn in the director's chair (and in all other places known to man) and she's brought a few newly discovered one's herself along for "Slutifinder".

This is the first film released on Rob's own "H-Core" label and the official company angle is this: "The H-core label retains the trademark hard sex we are renowned for but with the emphasis on gorgeous girls over extreme sex".

This time it's an all outdoor fuckfest, "putting the cunt, into the countryside" as hard as it legally gets. If you've seen any of Rob's previous movies you'll know what's on offer here, and it's not by any means repetitive. This will have the dinosaur directors of the brit porn clique cowering in their corners from the sheer avalanche of quality crammed into this 2hr+ superior, spectacular, assault on your sexual senses.

The premise is simple. Miyah takes to the streets with a camcorder that has a built in "Slutfinder", which means it can find birds that will do ANYTHING to be on TV.

Rob and Miyah enjoy what they do, and it shows. There's more sexual energy on display here than anything from these shores. And with women like this on display in the great outdoors, it's the perfect cure for anyone's agrophobia.

First off, Miyah finds Emily who joins her for a picnic (why a Tapioca filled pussy was never on the menu on the one's I've been on I'll never know). Saying this is naughty would be an understatement - food sex, hard arse fucking, tit fucking, ass to mouth and arse slapping.

Four more equally high quality scenes follow, my personal favourite being the last featuring the hottest girl in porn here, Miyah, which should carry a government health warning it's that sexually adrenaline charged. I won't break the scenes down, I'll leave that to those on other forums who get the DVD for free on the condition they give it a glowing review. I bought this myself, and know Rob can handle constructive criticism and dosen't suffer delusions of grandeur like most Brit porn directors, doing a painting by numbers and proclaiming it a masterpiece.

The DVD is slim on extras, just a trailer for the first release on Rob's label "Dare Devils" and a photo gallery. Personally I've never even looked at a photo gallery on a DVD - if you want a still shot use pause! But it makes up for this in the superb picture quality, authoring, sharp editing and chapter points in all the right places. Not that much more to say here other than another keeper for my porn binder... Rob Stone's Slutfinder.

Review by Arnold Layne

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Miyah may have taken over the directing and camerawork from 'controversial' Rob Stone, but the result is still the same: extreme hard core action from all involved. With the latest gizmo fitted to her video camera - a 'slutfinder' - Miyah checks its ability of picking up hot naughty girls at 100 paces, in the streets of the East Midlands.

The meter swings wildly when the lens points at Emily, an office worker out for her lunch. Miyah persuades Emily to come with her, to the countryside, for a picnic instead of her normal sandwiches. Peeling off her top, Emily stands in her black fishnet body stocking, her double-pierced nipples poking through the holes. Miyah moves in to investigate. Removing Emily's skirt, she laps at her pussy. Rob has spread out a blanket and the girls lie down for a little minge munching. Passing the camera to Miyah, Rob feeds Emily's face with cock. Gagging, she catches the dribbling saliva on a plate. Lunching can be a messy affair, as Emily soon finds out. With her mouth full of cola, Rob jams in his dick. The sticky brown liquid trickes over her tits. Legs akimbo, Emily becomes a banana split, her body sprayed in cream. Mounting Rob, the cream squelches between the pair as they bonk. Filling Emily's pussy with pop, Miyah uses a straw to drink it. Her gaping pussy is filled with rice pudding and Rob's dick!!! Clamping open her mouth, Rob cums on Emily's face. She licks his jizz off her lips.

Sarah Jane is found standing at a bus stop. She takes little coaxing to go off to the fields for some fun. Standing in the long grass, she strips out of her red top and knickers for Miyah to shoot some photos. Rob moves behind her, massaging yoghurt into her tits and licking it off. More is poured over her bum and pussy. Miyah moves in to get a taste. The two girls tongue Rob's erect shaft, then see how much they can swallow. A quick tit fuck and Rob jabs his manhood into Sarah Jane's pussy. An inflatable paddling pool appears. Splayed out over the side, Sarah Jane's pussy lips are parted as Rob thrusts deep into her slippery hole. Kneeling, her boobs sway as she is fucked doggy. Sucking on a lolly, the two turn so Sarah Jane can ride reverse cowgirl. Lighting a cigarette, she lets Rob shove the lolly up her arse, followed by a hectic bang, missionary. With spunk on her tits, Sarah-Jane uses the lolly to scoop it up to her mouth.

Outside Derby station, Paige sets the slutfinder gauge swinging and is whisked off to the countryside. Keen to see what's under her white summer dress, Miyah lifts it to lap at her arse and suck at her shaven snatch. Rob hands Paige a bottle of lager. She swigs and slips it between her legs. Rob's cock slides down Paige's throat and her chin hits his balls. The wet member is slapped about her face. A bag of toys is dumped on the grass. Rob uses a double-ended dildo on Paige and ties more to her arms and legs. Climbing onto his cock, the two roll over into spoons. More movement and it's down on all fours for Paige. She smokes as she is shagged. A butt plug is pushed into Paige's mouth to muffle the moans, while Rob hammers away at her arse. Her face and tits are covered in spunk and she lets Miyah lick her clean.

There are some weird things found under motorway bridges and in Miyah's case it's Charly, tied up like a dog in her pink net bikini and stockings. Turning to the camera, she has a plug wedged up her arse. Rob gives her a plastic bone to chew on as he fondles her tits. Filling a bowl full of water, Charly stoops to drink as Rob rearranges the butt plug. Adding milk to the bowl, Rob dibbles in his dick. Charly laps at the creamy cock. Mouth stretched open, Rob fucks Charly's tonsils and spit and tears stream over her face. The wet cheb is rammed into Charly's arse for a long hard session as the traffic roars above. Filling her bum with water, Charly turns herself into an anal fountain, then upends herself to be pile driven. With Rob's load in her mouth, Charly stands and pees.

Having filmed everyone else, the 'slutfinder' camera is turned on Miyah. In her blue and white checked bra and skirt, she stands in the bucket of a digger, pulling her pussy lips and fingering her arse. When Rob appears she's ready to go, wanking his dick as she's fingered. Sitting on the caterpillar tracks, Miyah splutters as she gags on Rob's cock. He squirts a can of cream into her mouth and fucks her throat. Back on her shoulders, Miyah is pile driven. More cream is added as she's banged. Her high heels covered in dirt, Miyah balances on the end of Rob's cock. She falls forward to have her gaping bum filled with foaming cream. With the sun setting, Miyah rocks herself back on Rob's prick. He cums up her bum and a creamy, spunky, goo drips out.

Rob and Miyah have again taken film as far as it can go within the R18 guidelines and get away with it. If they invite you out for a picnic, remember; there's not a lot of difference between foreplay and foodplay! So, take a bib as things can get messy. What new girl Emily made of the event is unknown, but let's hope it hasn't put her off appearing in future films, with or without Rob and Miyah.

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