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Released: 2007
Director: Freddie Morse & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive / Spice Studios
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Running time: 148 mins.

The American company Spice Studio have collaborated with MSS Interactive to release six scenes from Jo May's Secret Diary. Most of the work on the film was shot in 2004/5 and has already had an airing on satellite TV. The DVD, however, contains the original unabridged versions of the scenes.

Up until now, Jo's secret diary has remained tightly shut, but sitting on the bed she has decided to allow us a peek at the pages and reveal what she does when not appearing as a porn superstar.

After slaving away at work, Jo has been rewarded by her boss with a weekend of relaxation at a secluded country house hotel. She is ushered into the lounge as her room is prepared. Maid Clare (as Frankie) turns up with a tray of coffee for the new guest. Jo is keen to find out what activities are on offer over the weekend. Opening the decanter cabinet, Clare produces a couple of toys. Stripping Clare out of her uniform, Jo licks at her boobs then makes her way down to her shaven snatch. Turning, Clare kneels on the sofa with Jo's fingers planted in her pussy and a buzzing toy held hard against her clit. Dropping her skirt, Jo stretches out in front of the fire and wants to sample the hotel's hospitality. Clare thrusts a humming plastic prick deep into Jo's pussy. Screwing round, maid Clare sits on Jo's face. The two move back to the sofa where a banana yellow dildo is fed into Jo's fanny. She gently rocks herself to orgasm. By now her coffee has gone cold, but she thinks she'll enjoy her stay.

On a dark and stormy night, Sophie hears a strange noise. Running into Jo's bedroom, she dives under the covers. Jo pacifies her by easing her tits out of her fuchsia pink bra and sucking at them. Bedclothes kicked aside, Jo strokes at Sophie's panties. Her tongue explores the folds of her fanny. An orange vibrator appears from the dresser and disappears into Sophie's pussy. Jo removes her own knickers and lets Sophie lap at her cunt. Sophie has a surprise! Returning from her room, she's donned a strap-on. Jo drops on all fours to be fucked from behind. Rolling over, Jo rides the plastic prick to orgasm. Then it's her turn to see what she can do with the strap-on... Sophie soon climaxes.

Jo and Angel Long have invited Belle round for a casting call for their TV show. She shuffles herself onto the sofa with the girls and starts to chat. Belle is a sex addict. The girls want to hear more. Standing, Belle slowly strips out of her ruffled pink top and frilly knickers. The sight of her toned body turns Angel and Jo on. They fondle and kiss. Excited, Jo lifts her black dress and drops her knickers so Angel and Belle can lick her pussy and arse. Her legs wide open, the girls lap away. Grabbing a strap-on from the mantelpiece, Angel gives Belle a demonstration of how to use it on Jo's pussy. She stifles her moans between Belle's legs. Taking a knobbled purple toy, Jo eases it into Belle's pussy while sucking at Angel's strap-on. Standing over her plastic cheb, Belle sinks down. Jo moves to smear her fanny on Angel's face. Getting the girls to kneel bum cheek to bum cheek, Jo rattles a double-ended dildo between their pussies. Wanting to climax, Jo gets her legs pulled back by Belle while Angel plunges a vibrator deep into her pussy. Having orgasmed, Jo gives her verdict on Belle... She'll have to do it again.

Looking in the estate agent's window, Jo sees her dream apartment. Recognised by Destiny Deville and Sarah Wright as they walk past, they tell her that's where they live and invite her round. As soon as they arrive, Jo can see this is her type of pad, with sex toys strewn over the floor. Jo wants to see the girls try some of them out. Watching Destiny and Sarah strip, Jo feels horny. Pulling off her blouse and pants, she joins as the two thwack each other's backsides with a big red hand. Her knickers down, Jo holds her head between Sarah's legs. She fingers and chews at her clit. Destiny displays her tongue work on Sarah's arse. The three are spread along the settee. Fastening a strap-on to her leg, Destiny bounces up and down on Jo's thigh. Poking a vibe into Sarah's pussy makes it nice and moist. Sliding off the sofa, Sarah crouches in front of Jo. A big black rod is jabbed into her cunt. Jo gets more licking and fingering from the pair till she climaxes. Her reward is to fuck them with a strap-on. In appreciation, Destiny and Sarah shove the biggest toy they have into Jo's hole.

It's Valentines day and Jo is alone in her new house. Neighbour Renee calls round to introduce herself and the two girls start chatting. Renee claims never to have been with another girl. Jo sees her chance and is soon pawing at the front of her panties. Renee leans back on her chair to let Jo lap at her body. She climbs onto the table as Jo reaches her pussy. The two make for Jo's bedroom where things are more comfortable and 69 on her crisp blue bedspread. Taking a toy from the bedside table, Renee screws it onto Jo's pussy. She flips on to her back and another buzzing vibe is held against her clit. Jo wriggles and writhes. Coating a rabbit with lube, Jo pops it into Renee's moist minge. She bounces round the bed. Lying under Renee's open legs, Jo wanks her to orgasm.

In the final scene, Jo is playing pool with Bambi. Clearing the balls from the table, Jo heads to the lounge. Stripped, she stretches out on a stool and masturbates. Bambi sees her and can't wait to poke her tongue in Jo's juicy cunt. Finding a purple vibe, Bambi pushes it into Jo's pussy and moves to sit on her face. The pair move to the sofa for more finger and tongue action. Back at the pool table, Jo jams a ridged glass dildo in her snatch. Bambi holds the toy as Jo's pussy lips engulf the toy. The two fall back onto the table and kiss.

This film is a must for all Jo May fans. Six decent length scenes with top quality supporting cast. Jo's fervour for fanny makes you overlook the fact that some of the stuff isn't technically perfect, but who cares! Nine cracking girls and 2½ hours of viewing is a great way to spend a night.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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