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Released: 2007
Director: Dick & Ed, Bob Bennett
Notes: Harmony, 2 disc, also features Vanessa Hill, Sarah James as Elvie (see www.egafd.com)
Notes and Reviews

Sex in the Suburbs is something different from Harmony. Not a single film but two movies, Desperate Housewives and UK Ball Drainers, on a 2 DVD set.

Desperate Housewives

Running time: 131 mins; Directors: Dick & Ed.

Waving goodbye to her husband, Michelle allows her gown to fall to the floor as she climbs the stairs to the bedroom. Making sure Ian the window cleaner gets a good view, she pulls up her black seamed stockings and slips on a sheer negligée. Opening the back door, Ian is invited in for a coffee. Michelle bends over in front of the fridge. Ian moves forward to lick her arse. She grabs his hand and the pair head for the lounge. Sitting spread-legged on the sofa, Michelle paws at her pussy as she takes Ian's dick in her mouth. Holding her head, he fucks her tonsils. Michelle turns on to her hands and knees to be filled from behind. Ian pumps into her pussy. A session of shagging on the rug is brought to a stop when the doorbell rings. Ian hides as Michelle opens the door to Elle. Ushered into the lounge, Elle lets her long fur coat fall open. Dressed in stockings, suspenders and long black boots, she's ready for action. Peering through the window, Ian watches the girls as they roll round the floor tonguing arses and pussies. Beckoned back into the room, they bite and lap at his balls. Michelle masturbates while her friend Elle gets her snatch stuffed on the chair. She then joins the two for a licking. Kneeling side-by-side, Ian hammers his cheb into the waiting girls. They crouch to catch his cum on their tongues.

Wandering round a showroom, Taylor is in the market for a new car. Thinking he can sniff a sale, Pete guides her towards a black BMW. It's the right car but at the wrong price. Taylor asks if there is any discount for a blow job. Crouching in her sexy black dress, she wraps her fingers round Pete's shaft and fills her mouth. Dropping her knickers, the two climb into the car to check it for room. The warning lights flash as Taylor swallows Pete's cheb. His fingers find their way to her pussy. Pete fucks her doggy through the open door. Moving to the boot, Taylor lies back, her legs wide open. She finds there's plenty of space to be shagged missionary. The action shifts across the forecourt. Bent over a pile of tyres, Taylor is banged up the bum. With Pete down on the ground, Taylor slams down on his dick. A booted Vanessa Hill strides past the pair as Pete empties his load into Taylor's mouth.

Having seen what can be done to drop the price of a car, Vanessa, in the next scene, takes the same approach with the mechanic to see how much she can get off a superbike.

In scene four, exclusive coiffeur Pascal is more interested in stuffing Sarah Jane's snatch than styling her hair.

Oblivious to the time, Vienna soaps her body in the showers at her local gym as Jay locks and bolts the doors. He's arranged a special out-of-hours one-on-one session with Carmel. With Vienna drying herself down, the two start their exercises. Hot and sweaty, Carmel starts to strip. Jay chacks the muscles in Carmel's thighs. His fingers wander to her fanny. Vienna leaves the changing rooms to see Carmel with her lips tight round Jay's cock. She pauses to watch, hoping she hasn't been seen. Too late. Jay has spotted her. She's asked to join in. Stripping to her fishnet stockings, she pushes her pussy against Jay's face. Carmel practices push-ups on Jay's prick, then moves over to let Vienna ride him. Flat out on a bench, the girls are fucked missionary. Dropping onto all fours, Jay bangs in doggy style. The girls turn round to collect his cum in their mouths.

UK Ball Drainers

Running time: 74 mins; Director: Bob Bennett.

Wearing a black silk gown, Renee offers a glimpse of her bum as she climbs the stairs. Reaching the top, she moistens four fingers and rubs them over her crotch. James sits waiting for Renee in a rather cluttered room. She sidles over and undoes his jeans. Cradling his balls, she licks the tip of his dick, then brushes the damp head against her boobs. Fingers clenched round the shaft, Renee jabs it into her mouth. A dribble of spit runs down James's length. She follows it with her lips. Tugging away at James's todger, he squirts his cum into Renee's cleavage. It plops onto her thigh.

Michelle grabs the bulge in Danny's trousers as he eases her boobs from her bra. The pair flop back onto a checked bedspread. Danny's dick falls from his pants. Michelle pulls his cock towards her lips. His hand gropes at her black spotted knickers. Flicking back her long blonde hair, Michelle feeds the prick into her mouth. Knickers off, the two squirm round on the bed and end up 69ing. Michelle stuffs her cheeks with Danny's cheb. Lying back, Michelle jerks away till Danny shoots his jizz over her face.

Gyrating in her shiny black basque, Elizabeth make Ben rub his dick as she undoes the crotch of her panties. Ben slowly licks his way up Elizabeth's thigh length boots while she fingers herself. With Ben standing in front of her, Elizabeth's eyes water and strings of spit fall from her lips as she crams his cock into her throat. Her hand gliding back and forth along the wet length, Elizabeth pokes her tonsils with his dick. Biting at his balls, she makes Ban wank. A fountain of cum shoots from his cock into her open mouth. Elizabeth lets it dribble over her chin as she sucks out every last drop.

Kneeling between Ian and Jay in a hotel bedroom, Natalie wraps her gloved fingers round the guys' cocks. Yo-yoing back and forth between the boys, she takes each in turn deep into her mouth as they paw and prod at her pussy. Jay positions himself between Natalie's stocking clad legs and starts to lick her arse. He slips his dick in as she sucks at Ian. Flipped onto her back, Natalie rocks with Jay's pounding. Fishnets down, she twists back onto all fours to be fucked doggy. The boys swap places. Natalie works away at Jay's length and cum oozes from the eye. She laps it up. Ian moves in to shoot his spunk over her face.

Dressed in golden shorts and bra, Taylor fingers herself in a washroom. Easing her shorts over her hips, she bends over in her black high heels, her bum in Pete's face. Tits out of her bra, Taylor tugs and teases her nipples. Something is aroused in Pete's pants. Taylor squeezes and kneels between his legs. Her tongue explores his cheb and runs over the swollen head. Wetting the tip between her lips, Taylor traps Pate's prick in her cleavage. Pressing her boobs together, she wanks at his wood. With both hands holding tight on Pete's shaft, Taylor tugs away till he cums in her mouth.

Lifting her bright red dress, Suzie fingers the crotch of her coral pink panties. Slapping her bum, her knickers come down and she settles into James's lap. Their hands explore each other's bodies. Pulling at her pussy lips, Suzie dribbles onto her clit. Releasing James's cock, Suzie's tongue sets to work. Her pert breasts brush against his thighs as she sucks. Standing, James feeds his dick into Suzie's mouth. Wrapping both hands round its girth, she wanks. With the tip between her lips, James's balls begin to twitch. A little more handwork and he explodes over Suzie's face.

Cleanly shot and with good performances, both films in this collection would stand up well enough by themselves. Put them together and it's a real bargain. Top marks to Harmony for releasing Desperate Housewives and UK Ball Drainers under the Sex in the Suburbs banner. A great way to see some top British girls.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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