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Released: 2007
Director: Bob Bennett & Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • Extreme Anal M.I.L.F.S. American Xcess
  • Extreme MILFS: Some Mothers Do Shag 'Em
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 123 mins.

From the title you may be mistaken for thinking this another of Doll Theatre's sitcom spoofs, but you'd be wrong. Bob Bennett and Jim Slip have claimed the name for a series of five sexy scenes starring girls (or should that be women) who, like fine wine, are getting better as they get older.

As in many homes, Tony is locked away banging the keyboard of his computer while wife Starr sits alone in the bedroom. To entertain herself she slips down her spotted lingerie and applies lashings of lube to a large pink dildo, before thrusting it deep into her pussy. Starr's cries of pleasure attract Tony's attention. He sets off to see what she's doing. Entering the bedroom, Starr orders him to strip and climbs onto the bed where she wraps her legs around his neck, pulling him into her pussy. Grabbing his cock, Starr takes it into her mouth. Kicking off her shoes, she sits on the wet prick. Wanting more from Tony, Starr drops forward to be fucked from behind. His thrusts make her tits wobble, but it doesn't satisfy her needs. Taking a monster dildo, Tony looks sheepish as Starr feeds the plastic phallus into her pussy. He pulls on a mammoth strap-on, hoping to fulfil her cravings. Starr rolls over to let Tony pound away at her arse with his extended dick. Twisting back, he fires his spunk over her tits. She dismisses him back to the computer... but he can keep the strap-on.

In her isolated house, Rebecca is troubled by wind and so she has called round two double glazing salesmen - Sonny and Jeff - to see if they can stop the whistling. It's a big job and could take some time to do. While Jeff phones the office, Rebecca takes Sonny next door to try and come to some agreement. Sitting on the sofa in her leopard print dress and matching head band, Rebecca leans over Sonny and starts to lick at his cock. Jeff arrives back in the room to find Rebecca with her lips clamped around Sonny's shaft. She tells him to strip and join in. A guy at either side of her, she pulls away at their pricks. Sonny slips his fingers into her pussy. In a state of undress, the three head to the bedroom where the sucking and finger-fucking continues. Holding tightly on to Rebecca's hips, Jeff thrusts his prick between her legs. She moves to sit on Sonny's dick, ushering Jeff round so she can chew at his cock. With her boobs resting on the headboard, Rebecca is fucked from behind. Shifting round, she wants to take both boys together. After having a long session of double-dicking, Rebecca crams both cocks into her cunt. The two pull out to shower her body in jizz.

Nico is drying himself off in the bathroom when Daisy enters, wearing black lingerie and stockings. Climbing onto the edge of the bath, she pisses through her knickers. Peeling them down, she gets Nico to carry her back to the lounge. Placed on the sofa, Daisy slides his big black cock past her tonsils. It comes out covered in spit. Spreading her legs, she takes the wet shaft into her pussy. The pair fall onto their sides and shag spoons. Settling herself onto Nico's cock, Daisy bounces away reverse cowgirl. She drops to her knees to be taken doggy style. With her stockings slipping down, Daisy wants dick in her bum. She groans as Nico hammers in deep. Pulling out, Nico cums over Daisy's tits. Dripping spunk, she goes back to the bathroom for another pee.

Sam sits in her black dress and stripey boots, filing her nails, when Ian arrives home for his tea. Smelling nothing cooking, he wants to know what she's been doing. But his anger soon evaporates when he discovers it's not food he'll be getting. Undoing his jeans, Sam lifts out his cock as he gropes at her bum. With saliva dribbling down her chin, she fills her face with his dick. Pulling her black panties aside, Ian slips in his fingers one at a time. Sam's eyes roll when he reaches four. Covered in Sam's juices, Ian chews at her clit. On her hands and knees, she wants to be fucked. Ian thwacks her bum as they bonk. With Ian banging away, Sam presses a vibe against her clit. She uses the toy while sucking on cock. Bouncing away cowgirl, Sam's buttocks ripple. Ian lifts her off and places her on her back. Ian has an idea. Blindfolding Sam, he eases his prick into Sam's arse and lets her ride reverse. Pulling out, Sam jerks Ian's jizz over her tits. It's better than slaving over a stove.

Tony and Pascal are waiting for a visit from a council official, not knowing what to expect. When they open the door, Georgina in her jacket, tight black jumper and leather trousers, has turned up. Settling down in the lounge, the pair run their hands over her breasts, making her nipples stand proud. Lifting her jumper, the boys bite them. Easing down her pants, Tony strokes at her hairy muff. His fingers creep into her moist pussy as she tongues at Pascal's prick. Up in the bedroom, Georgina and Pascal 69. Her long dark hair falls over her face as she sucks. Offered his cock, Georgina drops onto all fours with a boy at each end. A little lube on her arse and Pascal has a surprise. She smiles as he opens her bum with his digits. Following anal, there is reverse cowgirl with Pascal. Georgina turns to mount Tony. Tightly holding the headboard, Georgina gasps as Pascal adds a second cock to her bum. Turning over, she tries both boys again in her arse. They quickly cum over Georgina's bum.

This film shows that whether in their 20's, 30's or 40's, girls can be hot and sexy. The great performances here prove experience counts. Starr, Daisy, Rebecca and Georgina are all top class as you would expect and it's also nice to see the return of Jay Sweet (as Sam Bond) to our screens after several years absence. Jim and Bob have produced a winner in Some Mothers Do Shag 'Em. Maybe the start of a new series?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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