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Released: 2007
Director: Philippe Soine
Notes: Woodman Entertainment / Ninn Worx
Alternate Titles
  • Games of Perversion: Scary Minds
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

Director Philippe Soine has come to Britain with the Ninn Worx team to shoot this six scene 'psychological horror' where girls' worst nightmares come true. Each girl in turn finds herself locked in a building, pursued by perverted strangers. Failing to escape, they willingly give themselves up for sex. The film stars the Europeans Gabrielle, Vanessa Hill, Nicole and Claudia, with Roxanne Coxx and Carmel Moore also appearing. Pascal White and Tony James are the creepy twosome stalking the empty corridors and stairs, with Sonny also lending a hand.

Roxanne finds herself in a double glazing factory. The security guard gets a glimpse of her on his CCTV but does nothing. She hears a noise and turns. Running between doors and windows, she tries to escape but is followed. Trapped, she locks herself in the toilet, her heart pounding. Slowly opening the door, she finds Pascal standing there. She crouches before him and takes his cock in her mouth. The two head off through the factory and the eerie figure of Tony appears. Placing her on a work bench, Roxanne's terror turns to pleasure as the boys bash away at her pussy. Pascal rams his cock deep into her arse as she sucks at Tony. The two swap, Roxanne riding Tony up the bum reverse. The security guard pans his cameras round as the boys spunk over Roxanne's face.

Gabrielle finds herself naked and blindfolded in the factory, with Tony and Philippe circling her with their dicks out. They spatter her face with spunk. Pascal then comes in to fuck her on a box filled with rubbish and empties his load in her arse. Seeing Gabrielle dripping with jizz, the watchman wanks his cream over her as well.

Walking through an overgrown garden, Vanessa finds an impressive mansion with the door wide open. Entering a huge hall, the door swings closed behind her. A voice orders her to strip and she flees into the nearest room where Tony and Pascal stand waiting with their cocks out. Vanessa kneels between the two sucking at their dicks, then climbs onto a large desk where the pair take turns shagging her. Wanting them both, she is DP'd. Both pull out and cum on her face.

In a salmon pink basque and trousers, Carmel slowly climbs the stairs. A face flashes past a landing window and a shadow disappears around a corner. She continues climbing, but door after door is locked. Near the top of the building, Tony's voice calls out. He wants to see Carmel's pussy. Dropping her trousers, she leans back on the wall and wanks. A door swings open and a cock pokes through. Carmel jerks it till it cums on her tongue. With spunk dripping from her chin, the door snaps shut. Entering a store room, Carmel finds a note. She has to kneel on a chair. Tony creeps in behind her and fucks her doggy. Spinning Carmel round, she lounges with her legs apart and Tony enters her pussy. Rubbing her tits, Tony fires his load over her pussy and leaves. Carmel just sits there.

Convinced she is being followed, Claudia dives into the ladies and locks the door. Stooping down, she checks under the cubical partitions. Happy no one is there, she washes her hands. Pascal, who had been standing on a toilet bowl, jumps out, prick ready for action. The two shag against the pipes and over a paper strewn stool. Claudia sits on the floor to be covered in spunk.

Nicole hammers on the door to be let into the room. Pascal peers through the window - he wants to see her fuck Sonny first. With the two hard at it, he joins them on the landing and takes turn thrusting into her pussy. After Nicole has been spit roasted, the boys coat her face in goo.

This is a very atmospheric film. With its pulsing heart beat soundtrack, it plays on the emotions of panic and pleasure. As with the best horror movies, the nightmarish scenarios at the start of each scene are all resolved, in this case with a little hot and hard action. It's probably not the best film to watch if you're in a large deserted house or of a very nervous disposition... Having said that, the worst things the girls find are Tony and Pascal's dicks, and they all seem to enjoy.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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