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Released: 2007
Director: Robby D
Notes: Digital Playground
Alternate Titles
  • Hannah: Sexual Freak 5
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 79 mins.

After being contracted to Sin City for a number of years, Hannah Harper is now appearing in other production companies work. Sexual Freaks 5 is the latest in Robby D Fix's films for Digital Playground, focusing on a single girl with a strong supporting cast. Here it's Hannah who gets the starring role, with Leah Jaye, and the American girls Audrey Bitoni and Naomi also appearing.

In her skimpy maids outfit, Hannah dusts the house. Entering the bedroom she finds Marco in his wife's knickers, smearing lipstick on his face. Hannah has told him in the past to stop. Now she has to teach him a lesson. Pulling out his prick, she tongues the head. Her long blonde hair flops forward as she feeds it into her mouth. Marco lies motionless. With her nipples peeking out of her uniform, Hannah grinds her fanny into his face. Marco reaches for her boobs. With Hannah stripped down to her high heel boots, the couple shag spoons. Hannah moves and mounts his cock, watching herself in a full length mirror as she rides him. Jumping off, she jerks Marco over his stomach and licks the last few drops from his dick.

Scott Nails is watching TV when Leah Jaye crawls in front of him. Handing Scott a paddle, she wants her bum spanked. He gives a few half- hearted taps as he stares at the box. Annoyed, Leah puts him over her lap and sets about his bum with the bat. Pushing Scott back, Leah smothers him with her minge and falls forward to deep throat his dick. Tickling the tip, Leah slaps the wet cock against her tits. With his prick poking through his jeans, Leah sits on it. She goes down on all fours to be taken doggy. Scott starts to groan. Leah milks his cream into her mouth, taking every last drop.

In the final scene, Micky Blue is tied and blindfolded. Hannah, in a black body stocking, torments and teases him. Sticking her fingers in her dripping pussy, she rubs her juices over his cheeks. Trapping his head between her thighs, she forces her fanny into his face. Micky is made to stand. In the half light of the room, Hannah's hair takes on a greenish tinge as she swallows his dick as far as his balls. Micky is thrown to the floor where Hannah rides him reverse. Undoing his blindfold, he gets to fuck her doggy, cumming over Hannah's bum after a few deep strokes.

You could live with the five short scenes in this film had the editor not hacked them about. However, with over 40 cuts in each, the sex appears jumpy and disjointed. As for the girls, they may be stunning, but with flashes of this, glimpses of that, it's hard to comment on their performances. Sexual Freaks is a poor 1ΒΌ hours worth of film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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