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Released: 2007
Director: Hansen
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 81 mins.

Soaked and Splashed is a series of five hotel shot scenes which, according to the production date, were filmed in early 2006 and have taken over a year to be released on DVD. As with other recent Rude Britannia films, the quality of this ranges from adequate to poor, albeit through no fault of the five girls who appear.

In an introduction which appears to have been cobbled together in the editing suite, Evie (as Nancy) strokes at her pussy under her pink mini skirt. The camera jerkily pans over her body as she slips a vibrator between her legs and works away. Joylon joins her on the sofa. Nancy takes his cock in her mouth amidst the gloom of the room. More jumpy editing and badly framed shots as Nancy mounts Joylon's cock, reverse to start with, before swinging round to cowgirl. Placed on her back, Nancy's boobs jiggle with each thrust of Joylon's cock. She lifts her legs onto his shoulders as he eases his way into her arse. Turning onto all fours, Joylon bangs away till he shoots his spunk over Nancy's cheeks.

Identically dressed in bright red bikinis, Laura leads blonde Jassy towards the bed. The pair lie side by side, tweaking each other's tits and playing with pussy. Laura moves down Jassy's body to lick at her snatch. Her fingers enter the moist minge. A pink vibrator is inserted into Jassy's pussy. Laura laps at her bum. The two swap places, Laura pulling her legs apart to take a big black toy. With Jassy on her hands and knees, Laura uses a pink double header on her, sticking the free end into her own pussy. The two are happily banging their bums together when the scene suddenly stops.

Sabrina (as Jane) sits on her bedroom chair in her white mesh bra, fingering and toying her pussy. Blonde haired Hansen approaches. From the back he looks like a woman. It's only when Jane pulls his cock out of his pants and slips it down her throat you realise he ain't. Reaching down, Hansen jabs the vibrator into Jane's pussy. She moves face down on the bed to be taken from behind, then rolls onto her back. Taking control, she starts to ride his cock. It's a little too much for him and he quickly cums in her mouth. The pair move into the bathroom where Jane is taken doggy as the shower plays over her back. With the camera lens splashed, Jane kneels and wanks Hansen into her mouth for a second time.

The fourth scene, featuring Jassy's second appearance, is probably the best produced on the film. The picture slowly changes from black and white to colour as Jassy runs her hands over her black net top and then down to her pussy. Peeling down her panties, she takes the first of many toys from the bedside cabinet and starts to masturbate. Rolling onto her front, a purple vibrator follows the bright pink one. This too is swapped for a double ended dong. Her moans are muffled by the pillow. Crouching over yet another toy, Jassy sinks down and it disappears between her legs. With her pussy filled, Jassy jabs a vibe into her arse... The picture fades to black and white.

Propped up in bed in a very small room, Paige, in red bra and knickers, works a purple vibrator into her pussy. Joylon pulls out the toy and tongues her smoothly shaven snatch. She sighs and wraps her fingers around his cock before slipping it past her tonsils. The two shuffle round to 69. Paige slides down Joylon's body to sit on his dick. Falling to her side, she is shagged spoons. The two twist and turn into various positions: cowgirl, doggy and missionary. Joylon then empties his balls into Paige's mouth.

The camera work and lighting leave a lot to be desired in this film and shooting in cramped hotel bedrooms doesn't help. It's not all doom and gloom though as there are some good things in the film. 'New' girl Jassy is at ease in front of the camera and performs competently. Laura also makes one of her too few appearances - pity the film wasn't better. One other thing: the title Splashed and Soaked... Only Sabrina gets anywhere near this.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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