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Released: 2007
Notes: Your Choice
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A timely reminder of the sort of stuff you could get on a monthly basis from Rude Britannia a few years back. John Mason in his prime turning out excellent scenes with the likes of Pascal White, Tony James and Lee Henshaw providing the cocks. Squeezing 18 scenes into three hours has required a little trimming but these are all excellent examples of the craft.

Along with popular performers like Kiera, Renee and Suzie Best, who's filmographies run to pages, there are a handful of girls who made just a couple of scenes but were worthy of more: Karina, Serena and Anna alone make this DVD worth buying.

While these scenes have all been downloadable from the Johnny Rebel website, I have not seen all of them on DVD. From the casts I have made educated guesses as to the titles, if they've made a previous DVD release.

Scene 1: Renee Richards and Pascal by the pool from Johnny Rebel's first FEETure Film.

Scene 2: Kimberley, Debbie, Sandie Caine, Hayley and Lee Henshaw. Another of John Masons group scenes at his Portuguese villa. Everyone is naked including Lee Henshaw, who fucks Hayley and Debbie while Sandie and Kimberley go girl/girl with everyone. A pre boob-job Sandie with a great pubic bush too. Luvverly stuff. (Probably from Filthy Fuckers 4 judging by the cast).

Scene 3: Alexis May, Janca and Tony James from When the Cock Strikes 2.

Scene 4: Alicia and Pascal. Pascal snogs Alicia in a rustic kitchen before removing her flimsy smalls, bending her over the work surface and fucking her from behind. The pair try a couple of athletic poses, then revert to cowgirl and spoons on the floor before Pascal shoots over Alicia's face. I've not seen this before but it could be from Amateur Star Treatment.

Scene 5: Keira, Anais and Pascal. Keira Pharrell and Anais very noisily fuck Pascal on a bed. From Rear Enders 2.

Scene 6: Anna and Pascal. Pascal gets to fuck the delicious Anna on a bed in John Mason's attic. Anna, a tall dark haired girl, did a handful of scenes and the great sex here shows what we should have seen more of. From Filthy Fuckers 4.

Scene 7: Lolita, Chelsea and Pascal. An all naked blonde Lolita and brunette Chelsea fuck Pascal in John Mason's spare bedroom. From When the Cock strikes 2.

Scene 8: Deb X and Lee Henshaw. This time Debbie gets Lee Henshaw all to herself on a Portuguese balcony. Another superb scene as Debbie's firm and brown body bounces on Lee's impressive organ. Professional fucking at its best. Certainly filmed at the same time as Filthy Fuckers 4 (if released, as I have it as a download).

Scene 9: Donna, Keira and Darryl. Donna and Keira are naked with Darryl on a plain double bed, where Darryl wastes no time in filling both girls with cock. From Rearenders 2.

Scene 10: Eden and Lee Henshaw. Eden and Lee get frisky in the lounge. Once Lee's cock is out, they both get naked in short order and fuck on the couch. While it's a pleasure for any girl to get the Henshaw cock, these two seem to have a special chemistry (see their scene in London Shaggers). It ends with Eden grabbing Lee's cock and getting a facial. I'm guessing this is from Filthy Fuckers 4.

Scene 11: Jennifer, Tilly and John Mason - Perks of the job, John Mason gets to fuck the girls in the Portuguese garden. From Johnny Rebel's Vacation 2.

Scene 12: Karina [3] and Pascal. Pascal has his fingers in Karina's pussy, with her legs spread wide. If previously released, this may be on First Time Amateurs 1 as Karina looks a real porn newbie. Her dark hair is in pigtails, her cheeks flushed and her soft curvy body full of promise. Then she did just two scenes and this is the boy/girl one. Pascal gives her his all and cums over her belly. It wasn't enough to keep her in porn.

Scene 13: Miyah and Pascal. Miyah, in white lacy hold-ups, gets a very enjoyable no-nonsense shag from Pascal in the bedroom. Along the way he slips his tool up her bum, before ending with a facial. My guess is this is from Rearenders 4.

Scene 14: Mika and Pascal. Muscular garden fuck from Johnny Rebel's First FEETure Film.

Scene 15: Renee, Majella and Tony. Serious professional fucking in Jon Mason's bedroom from When the Cock Strikes 2.

Scene 16: Sadie and Calvin. From one of Johnny Rebel's genre films, not 'Speccy Girls get Fucked' or 'Fill my White Pussy with Black Meat' but Filthy Fuckers Stocking Special 2. Sadie is a shoo-in for any girl-next-door award until you watch her fuck.

Scene 17: Serena with Pascal. Serena, a plain girl with a superb tanned body and great appetite for sex, gets well and truly fucked by Pascal, screaming her appreciation. Pascal gives his all in most positions on the bed before putting his load into Serena's mouth. Serena ends flushed and damp all over. Shame then that she made so few films. Download from the JR site and, I guess, from Filthy Fuckers 4.

Scene 18: Suzie Best and Tony James. Tony attempts to fuck Suzie's brains out on John Mason's sofa, but despite her size, Suzie takes everything Tony's got. Fantastic energetic fuck, naked and noisy. And Tony slips his cock up Suzie's bum in doggy as well. Scene from Rearenders 3.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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