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Released: 2007
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy On The Eye
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Running time: 99 mins.

Having been to north east London to shoot Hoxton Honey, Anna Span turns her attention to south of the Thames for this film - an area she knows well. With a strong cast, the five vignettes in Southwark Sugar are in Anna's unique style, with emphasis on the build up and equal prominence to both the guys and girls during the action.

Borough Market Babes
Jamie Brooks and Poppy Morgan squeeze their way through a crowded Borough Market when they spot Mark, the guy who lives in the flat above them. A visit to the local and then all three go back to the flat, a little worse for wear. Jamie strips to her bra and black knickers and gets Mark to suck her tits. Poppy follows Jamie's lead, discarding her clothes and leaning to lap at the front of Mark's Pants. He reaches out for the girls pussies as they start to pull at his prick. Poppy moves to sit on his face. Jamie slides down, taking Mark's man meat in her mouth. The girls change position. Jamie spreads out on the sofa to be shagged, while Poppy holds her fanny against Mark's lips. Bending forward, it's Poppy's turn to be taken from behind. Both girls have a go riding Mark's dick before jerking his jizz onto his stomach. The pair lick him clean.

Tate Modern Love
Wrapped up against the cold, Keira sits on a bench on the Southbank. Not wanting to visit the Tate, Mark joins her. Living locally, Mark invites Keira back to his flat for a coffee and to warm up. She accepts. Impressed by the minimalist nature of the apartment and by the mod-cons in the kitchen, Keira presses a button. An LCD panel lights up displaying a porn movie which stars Mark. Wanting to know more about his life in film, Keira settles down on the sofa beside Mark. His talk of pussy and anal sex gets her horny. She slowly strips and strokes at the bulge in his pants. Mark eases his tongue past her panties and teases her clit. Her hand grasping his shaft, she feeds it into her mouth. Legs spread, Keira is fucked missionary. Turning, she cries out as Mark's prick is pushed into her pussy, doggy style. Flat on his back, Keira mounts Mark's shaft reverse, bouncing till she orgasms. He gives her the big porn star finish - a face covered in cum.

Tower Bridge Inferno
Vaieda and Steve head back over Tower Bridge to their flat in Southwark. Once home, Steve pins Vaieda against the wall, fondling her breasts through her red bra. Unfastening her jeans, they fall to the floor. He drops to his knees and licks at her bum. Vaieda gets Steve to stand. Her tongue runs along his shaft to his balls. Holding his cock, she pops the tip between her lips. The pair lie down on the black leather sofa to shag spoons. For some strange reason there is a section of 'fuzzy' softcore footage as the two transition into doggy. Rolling back, Vaieda's pale body bounces up and down as Steve's dick disappears into her shaven snatch. The scene ends with Steve squirting his load over Vaieda's pussy.

Bermondsey Bonk
It's time to get up, but Bermondsey babes Bambi and Rhiannon are reluctant to get out of bed. The girls kiss, their hands exploring each other's bodies. Tongues and lips make their way over firm breasts. Rhiannon's knickers removed, Bambi's fingers burrow into her hairy muff. She gets her pussy stuffed with digits in return. Astride Rhiannon's head, Bambi sits down. Dropping forward, she munches at some minge and slips a pink dildo into the juicy wet cunt. The two gently rock. Her legs pushed back to her head, Bambi tries the toy. Rhiannon roughly jabs it into her tight hole until she orgasms.

More London Lovers
Lee has come down from the north to work and has arranged to meet estate agent Sabrina (as Jayne) by the river. The two walk along towards the apartment chatting. Inside, Lee is very impressed with what he sees and that's just Sabrina. In the empty room, the two kiss. Closing the blind, Sabrina unzips Lee's trousers, taking out his cock. She wraps her fingers around it and sucks. With her jacket off, Lee unbuttons Sabrina's blouse. Easing her boobs out of her black bra, he caresses and kisses them. Her skirt removed, Lee rives at Sabrina's black lace tights. Ripping a hole in the crotch, he plays with her pussy. The couple fall to the floor. Hooking his arms under Sabrina's legs, he thrusts into her fanny. She rolls onto all fours to be fucked from behind. A little reverse riding and Sabrina stands against a pillar, Lee banging her hard from behind. Pulling out, he shoots his spunk over Sabrina's snatch.

Watching the film, it looks as if some, if not all, of the scenes were shot some time ago, giving you a chance to see Keira pre boob job. This isn't a problem, but what is disappointing is the slight drop in production standards. In more than one scene the spontaneity of the action is shattered by Anna calling out directions to the actors and there is also the question of the 'softcore' filler shots inserted into Vaieda and Steve Hooper's scene. Southwark Sugar is still a good film and I would recommend Anna Span fans to get a copy, but it's perhaps not her best work.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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