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Released: 2008
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Viv Thomas
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Running time: 122 mins.

Originating on Playboy TV in 2005, the R18 release of Sex @ctually has taken 3 years to arrive in the shops. The film follows Ian 'Dirty Dog' Tait through a series of encounters with British girls Elle, Renee and Suzie Best and from Europe, Evey, Daria Glower and Valery.

Ian has discovered internet dating and after signing up to a site, he hopes to find some girls. First onto his screen is Renee who introduces herself with a web cam. Impressed by what he sees, the two agree to meet. Booking into a seedy London hotel, the couple head straight for the bedroom. Wasting no time, Renee lies back on the bed with Ian licking her tits. Kissing and caressing, the pair strip. Ian's tongue finds its way into Renee's fanny. She bites her lips to muffle the moans. With her pussy dripping wet, Renee wraps her legs around Ian's back. The two rhythmically rock on the bed. Ian jets his load over Renee's body. Grabbing his dick, she extracts every last drop and still wants more. With Ian still hard, Renee climbs on his cock to ride. Her body shudders with pleasure. Popping into the bathroom to shower, when Renee reappears Ian as gone.

Ian's next encounter is of a similar vain, but this time with dark-haired European Evey.

6 o'clock and Ian can't wait to leave work. He's arranged to visit a fellow surfer. Elle, in her blonde hair days, opens the door of her flat. A glass of wine later, she's up for sex. Ian runs at the front of Elle's pale blue knickers as she tugs at the front of his pants. Lifting her skirt, Ian buries his face in Elle's fury fanny. Stripping down to her blue bra, Elle stoops forward and swallows Ian's shaft. The moist member is slipped into her pussy. Ian works his finger into her arse as they fuck. Dropping onto all fours, Elle wants the dick in her bum. Rolling over, Elle receives more anal poking before Ian cums over her body.

Mark Sloane believes speed dating, not the internet, is the best way to meet girls. A couple of questions from Suzie and he's back at her flat biting her boobs. With her orange trousers round her ankles, Suzie presses her foot into his crotch. She's as keen as Mark to see action. Mark grabs her toes and starts to lick. Making his way up her legs, his tongue flicks out at her fanny. Pulling Mark's cock from his pants, Suzie sucks at his shaft. Holding it upright, she sits on it and grinds. Flopping backwards, Mark enters Suzie missionary. She turns to be taken from behind. Suzie jerks away at Mark's dick and he shoots his jizz over her hand.

Logging online again, Ian finds two Czech girls, Daria and Valery, have set him a challenge: Can he take on both of them? Ian's up for a try, but they have a surprise in store...

With the girls plastering photos of Ian's cock all over the website, he has become disillusioned with internet dating. Elle also feels let down by her experiences. The two agree to console each other. There's nothing like sex to cure their woes. Pulling down her jeans, Ian's fingers find Elle's fanny. Her boobs hanging out of her pink slip, Elle leans forward to give Ian a blow job. His cock slides down her throat. Parting Elle's legs, Ian thrusts in deep. With sweat dripping from his face, he relaxes back. Elle slides her way down his cock as far as his balls. Screwing round, Elle tugs at her clit as she rides him, then drops to her knees to wank Ian's juice into her mouth.

Like some other television works transferred to DVD, Sex @ctually is slightly disappointing and its TV roots are evident, with the action being limited to one or two carefully choreographed positions. The running order of the scenes also doesn't help. The first two being almost identical, with Evey taking the place of Renee on the bed. Okay if they're a week apart on the box, but following each other in the film is another thing. Even with Elle, Renee and Suzie, Sex @ctually is not a film you would watch more than once.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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