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Released: 2008
Director: Kevin Klien & Johnny Rebel
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 87 mins.

Introducing a host of new girls to the screen, it would have been nice if the images in the title section matched the names which appear. Alas, they do not... So, if you want to know who's who you just have to guess.

Scene 1 is an eerily silent affair with Tamara and Louise stripping out of their bras and panties on a large black leather sofa and fingering each other. The girls share a cigarette and a vibrator before moving to an orange hearth rug for some strap-on and double-ended dildo action.

Lexi and Gypsy appear with busty blonde Foxy in one of the rooms at La Chambre. Peeling down her black dress, Foxy rolls back to remove her knickers. Lexi climbs between her fishnet clad legs to suck on her snatch while Gypsy nibbles at her nipples. As the scene progresses, Lexi and Gypsy strip. All three girls embark on a mammoth muff munching session.

On a cramped set which appears to be made of hardboard, Melissa, in her schoolgirl togs of white blouse, black skirt and knee length socks, is faced with a chunky thighed Jaz in tight black basque and pleated leather skirt. Drawing on her cigarette, Jaz orders Melissa to eat pussy. The camera wobbles over the pair as it pans up and down their bodies. Melissa sits while her white knickers are pulled down and a green vibrator is worked into her pussy. Looking uncertain, Melissa's tormentor fingers and licks at her fanny, then turns to take a toy in her own hole. Melissa squeezes at Jaz's tits and the two girls kiss.

Clare Olsen (as Frankie) lies on a bed in white lingerie and stockings. Beside her on the bed is Lucy, dressed in black fishnets. A camera wanders into shot as Clare removes her bra for Lucy to lick at her tits. The girls press their boobs together. Lucy's hands explore Clare's stocking clad legs. Slipping down their panties, the two tease each other's pussies with their tongues. A strange bout of editing breaks up the action. Grabbing a vibrator from the bedside cabinet, Clare holds it against her clit. Turning, Lucy tries the silver shaft of a vibrator in her pussy. Lying side by side, the girls masturbate to climax.

Even by recent standards this is a poor film from Rude Britannia. When the camera work is good it's let down by jolty editing and where the camera work is bad, it shows. The final scene, which arguably has the best performances in the film from sexy Clare and Lucy, is spoilt by a high pitched buzz throughout. Surely someone must have spotted this during the post-production!!! Overall the film gives the appearance of a slap dash rushed job. Smoking hot? More like a damp squib. Avoid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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