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Released: 2008
Director: Nigel Wingrove
Notes: Girls Play / Obey UK
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Running time: 77 mins.

What happens when a domineering Madame takes charge of an office? Elizabeth, Rio and Sahara find out when Cherry takes control. Their lives will never be the same again...

In a modern, light and airy office, Elizabeth, Rio and Sahara are huddled round their desks chatting when boss Cherry arrives. The girls quickly regain their seats and start to work. Picking up some papers, Elizabeth pops into the store room. Rio follows. Bending over by the filing cabinets, Elizabeth lifts her short back dress. Dropping her knickers, she invites Rio to lick. The girls have come prepared and a blue dong is pulled from a bag and eased into Elizabeth's pussy. Falling to the floor, the pair fondle and lick amongst the cardboard boxes. More toys come out of the bag. The girls prod away at each other's pussies as they 69. Propped up against some shelves, Elizabeth works away between her legs till she climaxes. Rio laps the juices from her pussy. The two kiss and straighten up before heading back to their desks.

Called into Cherry's office, Sahara is told her work isn't up to scratch. Cherry has a novel approach to management and gives Sahara a good spanking. Reaching into her desk, Cherry produces a dildo to tease Sahara's arse. Ordering Sahara to strip down to her stockings, Cherry sits her on her lap and caresses her body, before her wicked tongue sets to work on her pussy. Peeling down her panties, Cherry sits open-legged in her leather executive chair. Handed a dildo, Sahara has to pleasure her boss. Only then can she get back to her paperwork.

Summoning Rio and Elizabeth to the boardroom, Cherry has found out about the girls' store room antics. Spreading their toys over the desk, she wants to know what the pair are going to do? It's not an apology Cherry's after but her own girl-on-girl show. Sitting Elizabeth in a large swivel chair, Rio lifts her skirt to lap at her black panties. Cherry wants to see more and tells the two to eat muff. With Elizabeth and Rio leaning over the boardroom table, Cherry tries the toys on the pair. The buzzing vibrators soon get them moaning. Taking her place at the head of the table, Cherry gets the duo to stuff her own pussy with plastic. Now they all understand each other, there's work to be done.

As the day draws to an end, Cherry pulls Elizabeth aside, while Rio and Sahara fasten up their coats. With the office empty, Cherry buckles up her strap-on and takes Elizabeth doggy. On their way out of the building, Rio and Sahara stop off at the office kitchen for a cuppa and a little more, not realising that Cherry is next door tying their colleague to a chair. Kissing, Rio and Sahara's hands wander over each other's bodies. Climbing onto the counter, Sahara sprinkles her pussy with cereal and gets Rio to munch it off. The girls grind and rub their pussies together as Cherry turns off the office lights and locks up. Elizabeth is left in the dark.

Arriving the next day, Rio and Sahara find Elizabeth still strapped to the chair. The three decide to exact their revenge on the boss. Pushing Cherry back into her room, the trio tear at her clothes and force her into her chair. Rio dons a strap-on and hammers away into Cherry's pussy, while Sahara smears her smoothly shaven snatch over the evil boss's face. Covering Cherry in lube, the three paw at her body. Elizabeth winds computer cable round Cherry's arms and legs. With Cherry trussed up and tied down, the girls put their clothes back on. Turning out the lights, they'll be back on Monday.

The cast may be small but all play their parts well, especially dominant Cherry. It does look as if more thought has gone into Sexcretaries than Obey UK's previous release, Purple Haze. Okay, there is still the occasional camera wobble, but on the whole the production values are good. And for those who want girl-on-girl action with a moral thrown in, it's a decent film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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