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Released: 2008
Director: Strangelove
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • House Of Scarlet Women
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

With a majority of their films under the control of Gazzman or Tanya Hyde, Harmony have given their latest release, Scarlet Woman, to a new name to direct. Strangelove has produced a film very much in the Harmony mould: stylish, exquisitely shot and featuring some of the world's greatest girls in searing hot erotic action. Joining the British quartet of Suzie Best, Lolly Badcock, Rio Lee and Jasmine, are Europeans Regina Ice, Annette Schwartz and Pearly Blue - with Daisy Marie representing the American interest.

The first scene features maid Annette, who serves herself up on a long dining table in the great hall of a country house. Retiring to the games room with Tony and Clark, she lets the boys pocket their balls.

The colours fade to a sepia tone and Lolly, in her high heels and stockings, leads Suzie down a long corridor towards a bedroom, where Rio waits for the pair. Entering the room, the colour floods back as Lolly crouches in front of Rio and laps at her knickers. The screen spits into multiple views of Rio pulling down her panties and stuffing them into Suzie's mouth. Striding across the room in her red shoes, Rio smears her pussy over Lolly's face. Lolly's tongue dances out over her arse. Suzie now becomes the centre of Lolly's attention. The girls cavort and romp round on the floor, poking and probing each other's pussies. Rio sits on the sidelines on the bed, her fingers in her fanny. Handcuffing Lolly, Rio re-enters the fray, chewing at her cunt lips and prying open her arse. Suzie assists as silver balls on a rod are pushed into Lolly's bum. Taking a curved glass rod, Suzie plunges it into her pussy. Beside her, Lolly squirms with a steel rod up her arse. A little light whipping from Rio for the girls and a strap-on is fastened to Lolly's mouth. Suzie slips it up her arse and rocks. Rio turns to use her own plastic prick in Lolly's pussy. The trio bang away on the bed under a portrait of Queen Victoria.

Heading the opposite way along the corridor, Jasmine, dressed in a white basque, fishnets and a fur hat, is making for the hall with Regina. A blindfolded and bound Oliver kneels as the girls approach. In her wide brimmed hat and sexy black lingerie, Regina positions herself on a low plush chair and licks her lips as she watches Jasmine tease with her arse and pussy. The girls swap places. Regina slits the ties around Oliver's wrists and forces him onto his back so she can sit on his face. Jasmine runs her white silk gloves over her pussy. Moving to an old leather sofa, Jasmine devours dick. Regina caresses Oliver's body with her black gloved hand. She joins Jasmine in cock sucking. Still in her white hat, Jasmine slides her pussy down Oliver's shaft. His hands pull at her bum as she bounces. Removing Oliver's blindfold, Regina perches on a low leather stool to be taken missionary. Jasmine bends over beside her to be fucked from behind. Oliver drives his prick into Regina's arse. She waggles her bum. His focus changes to Jasmine. The two kneel side-by-side as Oliver jerks his load over their backs.

In the final scene, Daisy Marie is intrigued by the contents of a red-lined box in her bedroom. A leather clad Clark finds her masturbating in front of her dressing table. Carried off to his special room, Pearly Blue and Clark have a surprise for the American.

Scarlet Women is up with the best that Harmony have produced and is probably the most sensual and erotic release of the year so far. The settings and outfits are spot on and even the 'arty' split screens in the second scene work (though they need a big screen TV to be fully appreciated). This may be Strangelove's first film for Harmony, but let's hope there's a lot more. Add Scarlet Women to your list of 'must see' movies.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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