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Released: 2008
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
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Running time: 99 mins.

Sometimes the DVD cover indicates what to expect of a film. Seeing sweet looking Natalia dressed in pink against a crimson red backdrop, you know Kendo's Sexual Art is going to be something special. Leigh Logan finds herself alongside a host of European beauties such as Candy Cat, Carla Cox, Mily Jay and Veronica De Souza, in this mix of high art and hardcore.

Leigh appears half way through the movie, sitting in a white leather chair, wearing a deep pink basque and black stockings. Her hands explore her body until they reach her pussy. Ben and Keni sit at the other side of the room, cocks in hands. Leigh teases the two, running her tongue over her bright pink lips. The boys continue wanking. Wandering across the room, Leigh drops to her knees before Keni. His cock disappears into her mouth. Moving to Ben, her tongue dances over the tip of his prick while she pulls at the shaft. Grabbing both boys, Leigh feeds their chebs into her face. Keni crouches behind Leigh and jabs his fingers into her hole as a prelude to fucking her spoons. Down on all fours, Leigh turns to suck at Keni while Ben bangs his cock into her pussy. After riding the pair, Leigh waits open-mouthed for the boys' cream. She's not disappointed.

An egg-shaped chair slowly revolves to reveal Natalia, cocooned in its sensual red centre. Unfurling a stocking clad leg, Natalia caresses herself. She closes her eyes and enters a dream like trance. Walking across the starkly furnished room, Natalia takes her place on a large white sofa. Clark sits on the arm, his cock hanging out as he watches Natalia's fingers enter her sheer pink panties. Ben joins the pair on the sofa. Leaning forward, Natalia laps and swallows his dick, leaving a ring of lipstick halfway down the shaft. Turning, Clark gets similar treatment as Ben eases his prick past Natalia's knickers. On all fours, Natalia lets Clark fill her doggy while she tastes what's just been in her pussy. Climbing onto Ben's rod, Natalia's body rocks and shakes as she slams down on his length. Clark is more sedate, rhythmically pounding into Natalia's pussy. Natalia lies back as Ben sprays his load over her face. Clark's cum hits her tits.

With excellent camerawork and brilliant editing, Kendo has manipulated the imagery to produce a masterpiece. Mixing black and white shots with bleached out colours at the start of each scene adds to the air of erotic expectation. Add on top some of the hottest, sexiest, girls turning in sizzling performances and Sexual Art must be considered one of the best films around.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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