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Released: 2006
Director: Tony Goodfellow
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Housewives 'Avin It Away: Saucy Swingers
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Rude Britannia

First the good news, ex readers-husband and doyen of the Sheffield swinging scene Richard Hardwood gets to do the business with four very nice mature wives. The sex is good and hard with a real naturalistic feel as the couples talk to each other as they fuck and the women explain how they like their cock.

Now the bad. While the amateurs in front of the camera turn in very professional performances, the amateurs behind do not. Every basic mistake is made: from poor lighting, wobbly camera, directorial instructions (sic) and the second cameraman frequently in shot. And this shambles extends to the titling and inlay where five women are credited (six if you count the photos showing Linzie) but only four appear> Kerry (who I suspect is Mrs Hardwood, Donna [8]) has gone awol. It seems I've spent more time assembling this review than the film's editor (Scary Splice) did cutting it. As a result the cast list is educated guesswork; but what a cast it is! All of these married milfs are destined to appear elsewhere after enjoying this experience.

In this style of movie nobody starts out with many clothes, and nobody keeps them on for very long. Richard soon has dark-haired Tracey out of her clothes revealing a tidy body with really nice tits and the flabby tummy of a genuine milf. Quickly into 69 on a big hotel bed then the sex starts in spoons before missionary and the cowgirls. Richard performs well as usual, banging into Tracey doggystyle before repeating the positions with his generously proportioned cock deep in Tracey's arse. No wonder the pair work up quite a sweat in this scene before Richard stands over Tracey and wanks onto her body. Tracey is fully shaved, in the current fashion, but there's just enough dark stubble to suggest an awesome bush.

Readheaded Toni is dressed in the style of an American schoolgirl, that is tartan skirt and ankle socks, which she keeps on as she sucks naked Richard's cock on the same bed as scene one. Another neat figure with the usual thickening around the waist, which is to be expected in the mature woman, and a sprinkling of small tattoos. Toni's fiery red hair translates into vigorous fucking; after lubricating Richard's cock in her mouth she gets pounded in all positions. After taking all of Richard's cock again in missionary, Toni gets her tits and perky nipples covered in spunk.

Toni and Tracey pair up on the same bed for some joint action (could these first three scenes have been filmed on same day? If so, hats off to Richard). The women take a little time to undress each other, then get down to some authentic looking sex with their fingers and tongues without resorting to toys.

We're back in a suburban sitting room for the next scene where dark-haired Morgan is entertaining Richard. Once Morgan is stripped to her black hold-ups, revealing some generous boobs, she gets a pussy lashing from Richard's tongue. More joint oral in 69 then Richard's cock enters Morgan in spoons as they lie on a black leather sofa. Doggy, reverse cowgirl and finally missionary before Richard dumps a load over Morgan's tits as a row of kitch soft toys watch from the back of the sofa.

Rounded blonde Gina then joins Morgan for some woman-woman action, stripping off their camisole tops and knickers for 69 on the sofa. It's pretty much a one position scene as Gina, on top, gives Morgan's pussy a workout with a purple rabbit.

In the bedroom it's Gina's turn to feel Richard's cock inside her. Lying back in just black hold-ups she gets her pussy licked then, after 69, it's into spoons. Shorter and rounder than the brunettes and redhead, Gina gives a fine performance as she's fucked in all the usual positions finishing with a cumshot over her tits.

Fans of mature women will not be disappointed by the cast as all four are convincingly fucked. A film that repays repeat watching, despite the truly shocking technicals.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2006

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