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Released: 2008
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 172 mins.

With their clutch of world class directors, Harmony are producing some of the best films around and Sex Maniax is one of them. Tanya Hyde has turned seven of the sexiest girls around into eroto-fetish sirens who tempt and tease their way through four, sizzling, action-packed scenes.

Hang 'Em High
Suspended by his feet, a masked Jay dangles over an empty swimming pool. Whip in hand, a black latex clad Claudia Rossi stares on. Moving closer, she flicks out with her whip. It thwacks into his naked buttocks. Her peeked cap gone, Claudia grabs at Jay's dick and feeds it into her mouth. Her fingers squeeze at his balls as she sucks. Dropping to the floor and with her mask removed, Claudia forces her fanny into Jay's face. His tongue darts out at her clit. She leans back to have her arse probed. Ree Petra appears, her boobs protruding from her shiny, tight dress. Dake, wrapped in a body bag, has taken Jay's place over the pool. In her black latex stockings and sky-high heels, Ree slowly circles. Her crop cracks into Dake's back. Undoing a zip, a cock flops forward. Ree takes it in her gloved hand and starts to lick. Stripped, Claudia hangs upside down, slowly spinning on a rope. Dake and Jay stand either side of Claudia. She twists and turns to suck at their cocks as they finger her pussy. Slung up in her ballet boots, Ree fingers her pussy as she swings back and forth. The boys approach, their cocks at the ready. Ree's hand becomes a blur as she wanks Dake's dick between her lips. Spreading Ree's legs, Jay hammers in his staff. Down on the floor, Ree rides a guy reverse. Claudia bends over beside her to be taken from behind. The girls bodies shake and the boys pound their pussies. Kneeling, Ree gets spattered with spunk. Claudia's bum gets coated in cum.

Upstairs Downstairs
In an elegant drawing room, Mai Bailey sits in a high back chair wearing a basque and stockings. She admires herself in a mirror. Her gloved hands reach for her shorn snatch and she strokes it. Peeling off her long black gloves, Mia pulls at her pussy. Her breasts start to heave as she plays. A whirring toy is eased between Mai's legs. She quivers with pleasure. Clark, the butler, opens some large double doors. Mia follows him into an opulent dining room. She takes her place at the head of the table. Jay sits opposite her, watching her sip at a glass of red wine. She teases him, squeezing her erect brown nipples. Clark leaves to answer the front door. Stella Delcroix stands on the steps, clad in fur. Removing her coat, she climbs the stairs in her black basque and seamed stocking. Stopping, Stella bends forward to let Clark lick her pussy and arse. She responds by wrapping her lips around his prick. Entering the dining room, Stella crawls across the floor and gorges herself on Mia's swollen pussy lips. Jay tugs at his dick in anticipation. Grabbing Clark, Mia stuffs her mouth with his cock. Stella fills her face with Jay's meat. Strapping Clark to a cross-frame, Mia smites his body with her whip then jerks on his shaft. Patiently, Stella watches and waits. The girls grab and bite at Clark's cock and balls. The two kiss his rod, trapping it between their lips. Released from his ties, Clark fucks Mia doggy. Jay joins in, banging Stella from behind. Turning the boys onto their backs the pair mount their cocks and ride. Opening her mouth, Mia's face gets covered in cum. Stella has spunk shot over her bum.

Filthy Fuckerz
A rubber wrapped Bobbi Star takes on Jazz Duro in a dungeon, helped by an incarcerated Megane Doll.

Wet Room
Clad from head to toe in latex body suits, Zafira and Stella have fun in a shower before going their separate ways. Zafira fulfils herself with a large red toy. Stella prefers the real thing in her pussy.

Harmony's Tanya Hyde films are always something special and those who get Sex Maniax will not be disappointed. With classy settings, costumes and style, this is everything an erotic movie should be. Add to that some sultry performances by the girls and guys and Sex Maniax leaves you wanting more.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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