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Released: 2008
Director: Paul Machnicki
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 118 mins.

Taking inspiration from 1940's Raymond Chandler detective movies, Relish's Skin City trawls the darker side of town in five scenes portraying murder, betrayal, but mostly lust. Two top international stars Claudia Rossi and Carmen McCarthy join Lolly Badcock, Theo, Robyn Truelove, Katie K and Rio Lee, as we see the seedier side of life in London.

Slouched in his office, a bottle by his side, Jay waits for his next case. The phone rings. It's Claudia. She needs a dick. Jay makes his way to a down at heel club where Claudia sits at the bar wearing a backless black dress. Drying a glass, bar tender Steve Hooper tries not no notice as Jay approaches. The private eye is ready, but it's his one eyed trouser snake that Claudia is interested in. It's a big job to satisfy Claudia and Jay needs some back up. Fortunately, barman Steve is on hand to help.

Wandering the back streets in a fur coat and long black boots, Rio has had a heavy day. She heads home, desperate for a drink. Legs apart, Rio relaxes on a purple sofa as Katie walks in. Spotting Rio's pussy, Katie dives between her legs and starts to munch. Rio strokes Katie's long blonde hair as her tongue flicks at her clit. Pulling at Katie's bra, Rio tweaks and bites at her nipples, then drops back to let her continue licking and probing her arse. Kissing, the girls collapse in a heap. Grabbing a double-ended dildo, Katie jabs it into Rio's fanny then impales herself on the free end. The two ride each other, joined at the pussy by the flexible red toy. Katie finds a glass rod to slip into Rio's arse. Then, falling back, she fingers her bum as Rio licks. The pair drop down, exhausted.

Creeping between the bins in a back alley, Claudia, wearing a long mack, has trailed Jay and Carmen to a dilapidated house. Camera in hand and with her nose pressed against the window, she watches as Jay feeds his cock into Carmen's mouth. Seeing Jay rip off Carmen's fishnet tights and ram hard into her pussy, Claudia can't stop her hand reaching for her own. She watches and plays with herself while the two bang away inside.

Sneaking into a dingy club, Theo has a job to do. After despatching a rival, she heads for the cubical where Steve sits. Dropping her raincoat, Theo stands in her skimpy bra and panties. Steve caresses her body as she bends to suck his cock. Wanking on Steve's shaft, Theo's tongue darts over the tip. Knickers off, she lowers herself onto the wet rod, her pert boobs bouncing in Steve's face. Lying on her side in only her black leather boots, Theo is fucked spoons. She sits herself up and rides Steve reverse. The session ends with Theo being shagged doggy over a table. Steve fires his load over her bum and back. Fun over, it's down to work... Assassin Theo garrotes Steve.

Guns drawn, it's a stalemate in the club and no one dares to move. Into the melee walks Robyn, dressed in scarlet. She makes a beeline for Lolly. Pushing Lolly onto a low stool, Robyn rubs her fanny over her face then presses her boobs against Lolly's mouth, leaving rings of lipstick around her nipples. As the two explore each other's bodies, buxom Angel Sarah lets the guys fondle her assets. Robyn sits up to find Jay and Steve with their jeans round their ankles. She loads her mouth with their cocks. Lolly gets Jay to pull down her panties, then fingers herself in front of the guys. With Angel Sarah trapping cock in her cleavage, Lolly licks at Robyn. The boys move her aside to spit-roast the blonde. Suspended in a harness, Robyn lets Jay fuck her. She jumps down to ride his dick. Lolly takes her place in the sling, plunging a red toy into her pussy, which make the juices run. Jay shoots his load over Robyn's face. Kissing her, Lolly laps at the cream. Steve jerks onto Angel Sarah's boobs. The gun fight resumes.

With its sexy stars, Skin City is hot and hard. Relish have also done a good job mixing black & white and colour to give the film that forties feel. Lolly fans will also flock to see her perform with Steve and Jay, although there's no boy/girl for her in the scene. She leaves that to Robyn. Skin City is another good film from the Relish team.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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