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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films. Gabriela Glazer, Jodie James, Kyla Kroft credited on cover but don't perform.
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Running time: 107 mins.

Bluebird have turned to the workplace for inspiration with their film Sexual Harassment. Over a series of scenes, European girls Magda, Diana Gold and Laura Lion, as well as Lesley Zen, Brooke Haven and Austin Kincaid from the States, find that sex in the office can work both for and against them.

Commencing in black and white, the second scene sees Pascal waiting behind his desk to interview Nicole (as Magda). Perched on the edge of her chair in a tight black skirt and stockings, Nicole listens while Pascal discusses allegations of harassment. She stands and wanders round the desk. The colour slowly seeps back as Nicole undoes her blouse and lets her boobs hang from her black bra. Pascal licks at Nicole's nipples. She steps out of her skirt and sits on his desk. Panties pulled to one side, Pascal's tongue works its way to her shaven pussy. Kneeling on the desk, Nicole is fingered and probed. She turns, wraps her lips around his prick and sucks. Stretched out, Pascal thrusts into Nicole, missionary. She twists onto her side and the pair keep fucking. Bent over the desk, Nicole is entered from behind. Pascal drops onto his swivel chair and lowers Nicole onto his dick. Bra off, her boobs bounce against Pascal's face. She turns and hammers down, reverse. Crouched in front of her boss, Nicole tugs at Pascal's cock until he cums in her mouth.

With the radio on, Paige sits in a stockroom leafing through the pages of a magazine. As she looks at the pictures, her hand wanders into her white lace knickers and she slips a finger into her pussy. Another page and her boobs are released from her bra. Paige starts to wank. Tony appears. Paige keeps pulling at her pussy. He kneels between her legs and licks. Belt undone, Paige pops Tony's prick into her mouth and takes it deep down her throat. He reaches over her body and explores her snatch. Tony sits and Paige lowers herself onto his lap. Next, she turns and drops to all fours to be fucked doggy. With her stockings beginning to ladder, Paige mounts Tony's shaft again, this time reverse. Then she grabs his length and jerks his jizz into her mouth.

Karlie is working away in her sparsely furnished office when Jay arrives to repair the photocopier. His mind wanders from the job as Karlie loiters beside him in her white blouse and short black skirt. Removing his shirt, Jay unbuttons Karlie's blouse. His hand reaches under her skirt as she takes hold of his prick. Karlie wraps her fingers round the rod and sucks. Clearing her paperwork from the desk, Karlie lies back. Jay tongues and squeezes his thumb into her damp pussy before ramming in his cock. With her suspender belt slipping down her legs, Karlie bends over the desk to be filled from behind. Lifting Karlie up, Jay sits her on his dick to ride reverse. She crouches in front of him to take his cum on her face.

Unlike some other Bluebird films, Sexual Harassment does have a theme which ties the scenes loosely together. The film is also decently shot with some hot action from the girls. All that remains to be sorted out is the cast list on the DVD cover which only vaguely resembles the girls who appear in the film (Gabriela Glazer, Jodie James and Kyla Kroft fans will be disappointed). Sexual Harassment is one of the better Bluebird films released to date.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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