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Released: 2004
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
Alternate Titles
  • Jerome Tanner's Strange Love
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

Rest of female cast: Brooke, Katja Kassin, Avy Lee Roth, Pandora Dreams; Male cast: Manuel Ferrera, Joel Lawrence, Alec Metro, Reno.

  • Style: Feature Film
  • Theme: A police interrogation reveals a story of sex and murder.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5.

This film, Strange Love, is a feature film production featuring international porn star, Manuel Ferrera. He is the main point of the film with Katja Kassin playing the support. The story begins with Manuel being interrogated by the police, for killing the husband of Katja Kassin. Manuel protests his innocence, claiming it was a rescue, but was it? Here we have Brit girl Lisa Lee, basically a filler girl for the flick, as her character title "hot chick" testifies. You would expect a typically poor show for sex from a feature film, however I was more then pleasantly surprised that this flick actually has some very good sex scenes, and the story doesn't dominate the sex.

Our Brit girl Lisa Lee is in the second scene of the feature and performs with Reno and later, Manuel. The scene starts with Lisa and Reno arguing in a club. She goes off to the bathroom where Reno proceeds to flip her and have some fun. Manual follows them and tries to stop Reno, assuming she is in trouble, and gets a laugh out loud punch from Reno.

Lisa wears a sexy black dress, looking toned and tanned. She gets oral from Reno in the back and front. There is a lot of oral on her here, more then you usually see in a flick. When that is done she sucks off Reno. The oral here looks quite good, Lisa looks hot doing it but there is little creativity with it, the standard up and down motion with some head shake and tongue slap. We then get into the sex, though we miss the initial penetration which is a minus from me. She rides Reno who sits on the toilet for a long time before it's her turn to sit on the toilet and get done. You get some close up shots of the sex, which is to some people's taste, and some nice dirty talk from her, which I did like. It then moves on to Lisa squatting over Reno on the floor before Manuel recovers from being "hit" and joins in. She sucks one while bent over and being fucked by the other. We get some comedy with the bell man offering some lube. The sex continues, though not for much longer after that. We get a very good finish with Manuel shooting first, then Reno and then Manuel again! Lisa is left with a very messy facial, although Reno mostly misses his shot, and ends with the bell man offering a towel and some sweets!

This is an interesting scene as while Lisa looks hot and the finish is excellent, the sex itself is quite average, making it hard to rate. There is no music playing over the scene which is good and the triple finish is an excellent touch. Overall I would give the scene a 3 and a half out of 5.

The rest of the film is actually pretty good. Pandora Dreams performs very well, with another double money shot from Manuel. Avy Lee and Brooke put good efforts in in their scenes, as does Katja, who gets the only anal in the film. One point is that in most of the scenes they tend to stick to standard positions and hold on to them a long time, which can get boring. Also, the film has the most atrocious dialogue and even worse acting, with Katja Kassin being particularly guilty of this. The DVD has some good features with a scene selection that also lets you jump to the oral, sex and finish of each scene individually, and also has an amusing behind the scenes feature along with a still gallery, brief bios and some phone ads.

Overall this is a great film for a feature film porn, though it isn't as hard as a gonzo flick.

Review by Steven Stone
April 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

What do you do if you have a plot-based film with very little story line? That is the problem which confronts director Jerome Tanner with his film Strange Love. His solution is to link the five scenes with balding bearded Frank Bukkwyd as he interrogates Manuel Farrera about his life and loves, in a police interview room.

After telling him about big breasted Pandora Dreams and her incessant talking, Manuel moves on to explain how things started to go wrong when he met Lisa Lee in a seedy sex club.

Throwing her drink over Reno, Lisa storms out of the bar. Reno catches up with her and drags her into the toilets. Thinking he can save Lisa, Manuel bursts in - but it's all a game. Lisa stands against the wall, her black knickers round her ankles, with Reno lapping at her pussy. Undoing her black dress, Lisa turns to have her tits played with. Reno is more interested in tonguing her snatch. Pulling out his cock, Lisa fills her face. Her hands stroke Reno's shaft and balls as she sucks. Sitting on the toilet, Reno pulls Lisa onto his erect member. Her blonde hair flails as she bounces on his thighs. Propped up on the cistern, Lisa is taken missionary. The two move to the floor where fucking is more comfortable. His cock out, Manuel joins to spit-roast Lisa. Kneeling between the pair, she gets her face spattered with spunk.

Frank Bukkwyd wants to know more. Leaving the club, Manuel sees Katja Kissin being bundled into a van. Again he makes the mistake of intervening. Her husband Joel Lawrence has just fucked Brooke and now he's taking Katja home. A gun is pulled and Joel is shot. It was an accident. Manuel is released and meets up with Katja. With no Joel around, Manuel is going to have to shag her.

The story line may be paper thin, but Jerome Tanner has made up for this with some hard, hot action. If you're after a film which isn't too taxing then Strange Love could be one to watch.

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