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Released: 2007
Notes: Jealousy International
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Running time: 53 mins.

Some films are shot for home consumption only and should be kept that way. Social Services Sluts Vol. 2 falls into that category.

With the top of her head cropped off, Robyn sits wearing a mint green top and short white skirt, flashing her hairy pussy through black knickers. Following a muffled conversation where you can only hear the interviewer/cameraman, she heads to the bathroom with a razor and tin of foam to denude herself. A few razor strokes in, a caption appears - 'To Be Continued'. The scene stops.

In matching tight t-shirts and denim skirts, Louise and Suzie listen to a long spiel from the cameraman about how they may earn extra money. Their eyes glaze over as he goes on and on. Eventually, bored into submission, the girls agree to his proposal. Suzie flashes her lemon knickers as she bends over. Turning, she lifts her top to show her boobs. Louise does likewise, letting us see her fuchsia pink panties. The girls stand and look lost. Dropping to their knees, the girls kiss and fondle boobs. Sitting on a swivel chair, Louise opens her legs to let Suzie lick. The camera wanders in and out of focus as Suzie's tongue darts over Louise. She slips in a finger which makes Louise moan. The girls swap places. The camera meanders around the room as they play. Eventually it points in the right direction. The girls move to the floor and the picture becomes very badly pixelated as the two probe and lick. Kissing, the scene ends.

The film moves back to Robyn, now freshly shaven. Holding a vibrator against her lips, she closes her eyes. Stroking her clit, Robyn slips in the buzzing toy and starts to masturbate. The film ends.

With Suzie and Robyn in a film, you'd expect a little more, but here you get nothing. The production is just about as bad as you can get and only just above shooting the film with the lens cap on. Really, this film should not have gone on release. The only saving grace is its brevity, so you only waste fifty minutes watching it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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