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Released: 2009
Notes: Television X / Wicked City
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Running time: 136 mins.

Wicked City have turned to a classic British comedy of the 50's for inspiration for their film St. Trinibums. Like Alastair Sim before him, Ben Dover plays a dual role as the hapless headmistress Miss Fritton, in charge of a school of hot promiscuous girls, and also her evil porn peddling brother. Helping run the school are wide boy Tony 'Flash' James and language teacher Pascal White.

Head girl Lolly is just about to do a presentation to the school's nymphomaniac club on the subject of anal sex, when news arrives that the beloved head Miss Fritton has been kidnapped by her brother. The girls rope in 'Flash' Tony to help with a rescue. Posing as potential porn stars, Carmel and Tony turn up at Ben's studio. He wants to see what they can do. As the pair suck and fuck, Lolly, Robyn and Tanya creep in to capture Ben. Knickers off, Robyn sits on Ben's face and Tanya attacks his cock. Lolly moves between the two, licking their pussies as encouragement. With Carmel and Tony banging away in the background, Robyn lowers herself onto Ben's dick and rides. Lolly and Tanya occupy themselves with a little muff munching. Tanya decides that she too wants some of Ben's length. Panties off, she shows her badly bruised bum as she bounces, cowgirl. Sitting beside Carmel, Lolly screws a vibrator between her legs as she watches the girls and guys fuck. Carmel jerks Tony's jizz into her mouth and the group make their escape with Miss Fritton.

Back at school, Tony teaches Loz and Crystal a simple card game - strip poker. Not being au fait with the rules, it's amazing how many times the girls lose. With the pair down to just their stockings and school ties, they play for Tony's cock. He wins. Lying on the table, his trousers come down and the two wank and swallow his length. Arms outstretched, he feels for their fannies and starts to finger. Loz climbs up beside Tony and sinks his shaft into her shaven snatch. Crystal presses her pussy into his face. Bent over the table, Crystal laps between Loz's thighs while Tony hammers into her, doggy style. Her legs spread, Tony takes Loz missionary, then squirts his spunk over the girls' faces.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Miss Fritton stops Syren and Crystal. There's something not quite right about their uniforms. Syren is wearing a non-regulation strap-on under her skirt. The girls are given a good spanking. Ben and Tony join the pair in the common room. They've been told the two have been bad. Rubber pricks will never do. The two of them need the real thing. Unzipping Ben's trousers, Syren wraps her lips round the tip of his dick. Her fingers tug and tease his balls. Sitting on the sofa beside Tony, Crystal lowers her head into his lap and starts to suck. Having tasted one guy, the girls swap places to try the other. Dribbling, Crystal wanks at Ben's cock. Tony works his fingers past Syren's panties as she swallows his length. With her pussy lips pulled apart, Syren prepares for Ben's tongue. She falls onto her side to be shagged spoons. On the other side of the room, Tony thrusts his cheb into Crystal. She moves back to Ben and mounts him, reverse. Syren drops on all fours to be fucked doggy, then takes Tony's load on her tongue. Ben follows, showering Crystal's face with cream.

Syren has arranged to do a photo shoot with Ben. However, headmistress Miss Fratton is dead against it. At least, until she hears money is involved. Out on the lawn, Syren poses with her hockey stick while Ben snaps away. He suggests they move inside for the next shots. Undoing her blouse, Ben kisses Syren's boobs. She notices something stirring in his jeans and undoes them to investigate. As she sucks on his dick, Ben tells Syren what a wonderful model she would make. Slipping down her knickers, he gets her to kneel on the stairs. Not for a photo it turns out, but so he can take her from behind. He slips his shaft in her tight pussy and rubs her clit as they fuck. With Syren stripped down to her stockings and heels, Ben bites at her boobs as she rides him cowgirl. Further up the stairs, Syren lies on the landing with Ben banging her missionary. Pulling out, he pops his load over her face and tits. Falling behind with their language studies, Carmel and Syren have been called in for some extra oral tuition by Pascal. The girls have difficulty getting their mouths round a French phrase, but eventually master it. Asked what it means, Pascal tells the pair it will be useful on their next holidays: "Do you want a blow job?". The two practice it again and Pascal's answer is "Oui!". Kneeling in front of their teacher, the girls pull out his prick. Carmel crams it deep down her throat. Syren takes over and sucks. With Syren plunging a toy between her legs, Carmel plonks her pussy on Pascal's dick and gyrates, reverse cowgirl. Pascal stands to enter Syren from behind, then yo-yos between the pair, fucking them missionary and spoons. Crouched down together, the girls wait open-mouthed for Pascal's fresh cream.

The set for St. Trinibums (which throughout the film is called St. Trinicums) is more like a country manor than your local comprehensive and doesn't really match up with the goings on in the school. That aside, the cast is good, the action hot and Ben Dover makes a passable woman!!! One thing that does surprise is that sexy Syren Sexton doesn't appear higher up in the titles. Featuring in three of the five scenes, she deserves top billing for her contribution. Like the films on which it's based, no doubt we'll hear a lot more from the girls of St. Trinibums. And that's not a bad thing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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